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Different question now...?

Why were my last 3 questions so threatening?? Why would anyone get defensive on a subject which ultimately tries to promote equality??


@Sox- You don't perceive equality as being equal?? I am equal to you, how else can you perceive that?? You can't be MORE equal<-- That just doesn't work out. Extra rights is NOT equal, no ifs, no buts, its simply not equal. I wasn't trying to have any gotcha moment...I asked how you would feel as a feminist (Who believes in equality) if we got rid of extra rights, i asked how you would feel if we made things truly equal. I never said you had it easy, but you can't deny extra rights....I admit there is an agenda in what i'm asking. But its not an agenda anyone, who believes in equality, has to worry about. The agenda was merely to see how many of you escape the question, by avoiding the answer. It tells me that you really DON'T believe in equality<-- In which case i coulda left Y/A in the knowledge that theres no point arguing with people who don't want equality. Since that really is the case, then you don't have to worry about my questions anymore :-)

Update 2:

@Evie- lol Oh dear, even all the dumb feminists know there was an agenda in what i'm asking. Don't project stupidity darlin....I pick up on it straight away. It was you who failed to notice where i was going with it.....You couldn't answer the simple question. Instead what you did, was write me a poem of pure dappiness. What you did was try and justify or raise other issues<-- All this tells me is that you don't believe in equality, that you're a nazi<-- lol Basically you're calling the man who manipulated your answer and pretty much everything you said, "Stupid". Everyone knows what i'm like darlin lol. You wrote what you wrote, because i wanted you to write Who's stupid luv??

Update 3:

@Winter Glory- Yeah but you're one of those people who either give the right answer....Or can admit that you're wrong when you don't. When you sent me that email admitting you shoulda seen that one coming, i thought "Now here is a cool chick" ;-).

Update 4:

@Blonde limbo- Anyone who has to write me a novel to explain a perfectly simple concept such as this one....Implies a defensive stance. Anyone can see that. You've basically just fallen on your own sword.

Update 5:

@Sox- Ok lets try it your way...How would you perceive being equal?? Do you perceive extra rights as being equal?? You're going off topic again when you have no need to. I'm equal to an Athiest, i just believe different things. Doesn't mean we're not equal....Extra rights is not equal. The fact that you STILL can't answer, and getting defensive from this very simple thing....Shows you to be a Nazi. It means that you personally have made up MY mind as to how we should perceive and view feminism. My reply was reasonable and not offensive.....Your reply was unreasonable and defensive.

Update 6:

@Evie- lol Oh sorry, i shoulda explained....Let me show you what i mean.

1. Writing me an essay without giving an answer, shows how defensive you are.

2. Going on and on about how hilarious this is and how much fun you're having is also a tell-tale sign of your defensive stance and bitterness. You're trying to convince yourself more than you are other people :-)

Update 7:

@Sox- I'm simply asking what is wrong with equality....You're having a hard time with this. What happened to me you ask?? WTF happened to you??...You've just blurted out the biggest rant i've ever seen and you're calling me a whiney brat<-- I'm just asking what is wrong with equality....What is wrong with getting rid of extra rights. You're getting angry at this?? Imagine how you look to me right now. You sound to me that you have no intrest in equal rights when your ideology is meant to promote it....What am i supposed to think?? You've taken this as a personal attack on you<-- That is very defensive, if you truly believed in equality....You wouldn't have a problem with this very simple question.

Update 8:

Did you notice that my last 3 questions were asked solely to lead up this question now?? If you fell for it, who's fault is that??. My intention was not to pick holes in any answer or argument, in fact it wasn't necessarily to do with your answer but more to see how you all reacted over it and the nature of your response. I asked a series of questions in order to lead up to this one....Needless to say, very few of you came off too well. It was more than simple, how would you feel about getting rid of extra rights be it for men or women, and your answers were less than hopeful. This is the true nature of feminism<-- This was my agenda, this was my test, and you all failed :-).

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  • Sox
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    Because you were trying to have your 'gotcha moment'.

    Like if anyone doesn't agree with you they don't believe in equality, which isn't true because when you are talking about issues such as abortion and the like you are going to get a wide range of opinions.

    What I perceive as equal may be different to you.

    Also, you constantly stated we had all these extra rights, special treatment, privileges, etc etc..

    Sure we have different rights, and some are bias, but it's not as if all women have easier lives than men, get treated great and basically get a free pass through life like you made it sound.


    Your reply is completely ridiculous!

    'You don't perceive equality as being equal??' Since the definition of equality is 'being equal' then i'll just rephrase my wording.

    What I perceive as 'being equal' may be different to you.

    It's the same difference. You don't think a feminist and an mra, a prostitute and a nun, a christian and an atheist are going to have different views on what constitutes equality?

    When did you decide that you were going to be the one who told everyone the right way to do things?

    What's with this obbsesion to make things 'equal' anyway? We are all different, what does 'equal' mean anyway? wouldn't you much rather aim for fair?

    I'm not trying to be 'more equal'. You can get rid of a law, but you can't just snap your fingers and get rid of a bias. The only thing that has a clear cut law about it out of the things you were talking about is abortion. Do i want to get rid of abortion? No.

    How about this as equal? Women have to carry it around for nine months so they can make the descisions. Isn't that equal?

    You say you don't want you 'gotcha moment' but you're doing it right now. Accusing me of not being for equal rights.

    Well really, screw you first off.

    Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean i'm this man hating bigot.

    You asked something that is clearly not a yes/ no question. It's subjective, but you think everyone who doesn't agree with you is a sexist. That's so silly!

    You say in you question that you asked me (as a feminist.. which I am clearly not.) if i believed in equal rights.

    But you phrased it in a ridiculous way.. what was it? how would I feel if things were truly equal?

    You sound like those pro lifes who don't just say "Do you think abortion is wrong?" and instead say "Do you like murdering babies?".

    Don't accuse me of being a bigot just because you like to spin your words!

    I want equality. But I think your wrong. Simple enough for you?

    What happen to you? you used to be sensible and rational yet you are acting like a whining brat.

    /rant over!

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    Actually, people weren't defensive. You chose to perceive them that way because you wanted to prove a point that you didn't have anything to back up. What they were doing was questioning your methods of argument, all of which were insubstantial and poorly (if at all) researched. You didn't even cite examples from your own life.

    Having reviewed your past three questions, this is what they contain that make them questionable:

    1 & 2 ask the same question and give no evidence or examples. You expect other people to come up with evidence for a point you're trying to make. That isn't how intellectual inquiry works. If you want someone to acknowledge something, you have to actually get off your *** and come up with something to build an argument off of.

    3 gives examples, but most of them are very poor, as they're either not true (like women-only clubs) or difficult to quantify ("softer punishment for the same crimes"). On the latter, you didn't even use a single piece of actual evidence; you didn't cite even one relevant court case. In it, you also pretended that men don't have any advantages over women other than salary. You also pretended in 3 that societal advantages don't exist at all for men.

    You did, however, make one valuable point in the third example, in my opinion; that men really do have the short end of the stick on parental rights when it comes to abortion and child support. Essentially when a child has been conceived, from that moment until birth the father has absolutely no rights or say in the matter, as it's legally considered part of the woman and not its own being or entity.

    The minute it exits the birth canal, it's half his responsibility. He has no say in the matter. The problem in my opinion is that we have laws governing women based on modern standards, but our laws governing men and children are still based on the old-world religious right standards. If you're going to have laws that allow women to decide they don't want to be responsible to a child, it's only fair that men have an out also.

    I've always been a proponent of the idea that men should be able to either acknowledge or disavow parenthood before birth once a DNA test has been performed. This would allow the mother to make her decision whether to keep the child or not based on being informed about the father's stance, but also give men SOME rights on the subject.

    Obviously the other option is to rule that fetuses are in fact human beings, and return abortion to illegal status, but I think most people are no longer willing to consider that one.

  • Anonymous
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    Actually no you made my day. I responded back to you on the other question just so you know babe. If anything I'm happy because you displayed the typical stupidity of the anti-feminist. I loved it. It was like breakfast for me sweety. Orgasmic even. Gracias papi. : ]

    EDIT: Aw, poor you. You can't keep up with long answers? It's okay honey we all have our talents. No you're still the stupid one and it's just hilarious how you don't get that yet. lol Carry on love I'm just loving this. I do feel bad for your future children though lol

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    Because, Feminists will never, ever, ever give up their fight, it is part if their identity and how they "feel" their life has meaning. Logic, evidence, truth be damned, feminists will fight their fight regardless of the result, it is the fight that counts, and allows the perpetual victim status, it's always someone else's fault and someone else that has to change to fix it.

    You are threatening a key element to their identity, feminism, and questioning the noble basis of feminism, "equality" that they have attached to their belief in feminism and the behaviors they can indulge in with those beliefs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What exactly IS your question? You seem to be abusing the question asking feature to carry on some kind of personal argument you have with another user. This is not allowed.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some people are better at dishing it than taking it.

    You've never thrown anything out there that I can't take.

    Bring Mr. B.

    *Gotta go to work now though, so I'll have to check back later to see what you brought*

    Have fun :)

  • Anonymous
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    i found nothing threatening to you question. how ever the delivery could be miss understood because we can't hear tones in text.

  • Clo !
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    No offence taken sweetheart.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because your questions put Feminists on the defensive. Their reactions were/are typical of someone who could dish it but not take it back. Figures.

    LOL The TDs for my answer only reinforce what I just said. =P

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