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The best of the rest tournament continues. Who would win the 97 Hawks or the 94 Heat?

Being that these tournaments are becoming my speciality I decided to start another tournament with 32 teams. I call it the best of the rest. It consists of teams that had strong seasons, but not champions or championship contenders. For instance you won't see the 90's Knicks teams in this because they were contenders throughout the 90's. None of these 32 teams won an NBA title. A couple got to the finals but were completely overmatched by better teams.

Today's matchup is 97 Hawks vs 94 Heat. Below are the lineups. This is the Steve Smith vs Steve Smith matchup. HAWKS have homecourt in this BEST OF 5


97 Hawks - Bench

C - Dikembe Mutombo - F/C Alan Henderson

PF - Christian Laettner - F Willie Burton

SF Tyrone Corbin - F Henry James

SG Steve Smith - G Eldridge Recasner

PG Mookie Blaylock - G Jon Barry

94 Heat

C - Rony Seikaly - F/C John Salley

PF Grant Long - C Matt Geiger

SF Glen Rice - Willie Burton

SG Steve Smith - G Harold Miner

PG Brian Shaw - Bimbo Coles

Below is the full list of teams and first round matchups in the full tournament.

BQ - Which of these matchups do you want to see next.

1) 04 T’Wolves 58-24 DEFEATED 32) 94 Denver Nuggets 42-40

2) 89 Cavs 57-25 DEFEATED 31) 07 Golden St. Warriors 42-40

3) 97 Atlanta Hawks 56-26 vs 30) 94 Miami Heat 42-40

4) 01 76ers 56-26 vs 29) 76 Phoenix Suns 42-40

5) 08 Hornets 56-26 vs 28) 93 Charlotte Hornets 44-38

6) 90 Spurs 56-26 vs 27) 91 Golden St. Warriors 44-38

7) 09 Nuggets 54-28 vs 26) 67 San Francisco Warriors 44-37

8) 83 Spurs 53-29 vs 25) Washington Wizards 45-37

9) 85 Nuggets 52-30 vs 24) 84 NJ Nets 45-37

10) 01 Bucks 52-30 vs 23) 06 L.A. Lakers 45-37

11) 05 Sonics 52-30 vs 22) 75 Chicago Bulls 47-35

12) 05 Rockets 51-31 vs 21) 84 NY Knicks 47-35

13) 07 Jazz 51-31 vs 20) 01 Toronto Raptors 47-35

14) 98 Hornets 51-31 vs 19) 70 Atlanta Hawks 48-34

15) 07 Cleveland Cavs 50-32 DEFEATED 18) 07 Chicago Bulls 49-33

16) 77 Houston Rockets 49-33 DEFEATED 17) 02 Celtics 49-33

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  • Rob K
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    1 decade ago
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    Pretty tight matchup here. You get more defense with the Hawks obviously. Dikembe Mutombo and Mookie Blaylock were top notch for their time in the defensive category.


    Backcourt: I actually thought Steve Smith was a better player with the Hawks and Blazers then he was with the Heat. He took some time in his career to come into his own. Mookie was a lockdown defender, and would have no problems handling a fairly one-dimensional Brian Shaw. Edge: Hawks

    Forwards: Glen Rice could rack up points in bunches. One of the "explosive" players in the Eastern Conference at that time. He could knock down three's at an alarming rate. He gets the easy nod over Tyrone Corbin here. Edge: Heat

    Frontcourt: Say what you want about Christian Laettner. He wasn't as good in the NBA as he was in college. We know this. But that by no account means he was a total stiff. In fact he was a solid contributor, a good teammate, and a major hustle guy. Also, don't look down on Rony Seikaly was also a very solid, forgotten contributor before the arrival of Alonzo Mourning in Miami. Unfortunately for him, he was going up against the toughest defender of the post in the 1990s in Dikembe. Edge: Hawks

    Another tight match up in a 5 game series, I can see Glen Rice carrying the Heat to a 5th game; but ultimately falling to a better balanced Atlanta Hawks.

    Hawks 3-2

  • 1 decade ago

    Pretty even one here - especially at the starting SG position!

    Seriously, the only big advantage I give either team here is at center, because Mutombo was much better than Seikley - as far as talent. Rony will certainly work hard, and he won't make dumb mistakes, but he just can't overcome the defensive prowess of Mutombo.

    At forward, I like the Hawks a little better on the PF side. Like Rob K said, Laettner was actually a decent NBA player, just not a superstar. Not everyone can repeat the college experience, which he tried to do with the Wolves. Once he left them for the Hawks, he became a much better role player, and was quite tough underneath. I also like the Hawks slighty at SF mainly because both Corbin and James had better balance in their games. But if Rice gets on a roll, there is nothing that those guys can do to stop him.

    in the backcourt, however, I like the Heat better. While both Shaw and Blaylock had flaws in their games, I thought Shaw was the better defender of these two and that could make a difference. I also like the reserves in the backcourt for the Heat better - Coles was a decent passer and his time on the floor won't hurt the team.

    Overall, with the Hawks holding home court advantage here, and the extra toughness they bring up front, I give them the slight edge here. Atlanta in 5

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This one is a little tough.

    Great front courst matchup, Glen Rice and Seikly were a good team, but so was Mutombo and Christian Laettner. I think the amount of defense that Atlanta has overpowers the Heat offense.

    Steve Smith vs. Steve Smith. Steve Smith blows Steve Smith out, Steve Smith just has much better defense then Steve Smith.

    (That was a joke)

    Anyway, the backcourt is close, but I give it to the Hawks aswell. Mainly because of the help they have off of the bench in their backcourt...

    Um, honestly I don't know much of these players, not gonna lie.

    But I give it too the Hawks in a 3-2 win from what I do know.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If your last name is smith, why would you name your son steve or anything that common. Besides steve smiths cool name, unlike everyone else I dont see it even, i think Mutumbo will anchor the defense and Mookie of course will help. The Heat (with the exception of rice) really had no offensive power to win this sereis.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is extrememly tough but I like the 94 Heat

    Source(s): King Of NJ
  • 1 decade ago

    97 hawks will win in it. dikembe, mookie is tops.

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