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What is Janeane Garofalo's problem?

Boycott Hollywood!


B list celebs shouldn't meddle in politics...

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    She's a frustrated lesbian.

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    IMO-She seems to be suffering from some kind of self-loathng that manifests itself in a political way. It is odd how some of the people who have experienced success in the the freest and most prosperous country in the world, end up hating everything about it. I think it starts when they are unpopular as teens and acquire a contrarian attitude. Can't make the cheerleader squad? Then cheer leading is stupid. Can't get a date for the prom? Proms are dumb. Can't find a boyfriend? The boys in my school are all ridiculous.

    Far easier to pretend you don't want something anyway than admitting to yourself you need improvement. Garofalo is a poster child for this syndrome. I cannot help but feel sorry for such people.


  • The 'oppressor'? We live in 'the land of opportunity' and we have a black president. Where is the 'oppressor'? You'd think we lived in pre-revolution France or Czarist Russia. These folks have lost it. Janeane, there is NO oppressor! Today, in America, the only one holding anyone back is the person themselves. The fact that you have a black president is evidence of this fact.

    Holy crap.

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    I couldn't agree more. She, and her leftist ilk are a disgrace. Anything a militant leftist is involved in should be boycotted. Movie-stardom should not be used as a political platform from which to brainwash people!

    She has a right to her free speech, but as others have pointed out, we can remove her platform and megaphone by not watching her/funding her. In other words, stop paying to see Hollywood leftists, and they will lose their spotlight.

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    problem? What problem?

    She's spreading the MSM's hatespeech, which the libs eat up with a spoon. Nothing to see here, just move along... you racists!

    I don't know what her problem is... but yes she's very annoying.

    To the first responder... what patriotism do you speak of? Garofalo has none to speak of.

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    The first things that come to mind are: She's fat, ugly, intolerant, close minded, judgmental, and narcissistic. Add to that she can't act worth a damn and one has to wonder how she ever gets a part in Hollyweird.

    Other that the things listed...I think she's just fine.

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    I have a list of people who I will not watch and she is on it. I couldn't care less what her political opinions are, but I do support her right to say whatever she likes. However I will not aid her career financially when doing such will help provide her with greater access to media to spread her bile.

    I agree! Don't like what they are saying then remove or reduce their access by boycotting their work.

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    I think it's hilarious how the right (right biased media) talk and degrade anyone and everyone that doesn't agree with them because those people talk and degrade them. I've said this before, what's the difference between the outspoken liberals and the outspoken right when they talk about each other? Absolutely nothing. Look at your own question for example. You are down grading her because she is down grading your party and your favorite news channel. All you have to do is insert the other sides name into the blanks. It will sound exactly the same.

    Put in simpler terms, you are no better then she is. FOX news is no better, "black-and-right" is no better then either of you.

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    What is her problem? She's nuts,I think it really is that simple.

    She actually said any woman or person of color that's a Republican,is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome??

    Can you even imagine what would happen if any outspoken Conservative said something like that about women or any minority group?


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    I have been for a while. I began to when I noticed that the left only pays attention to the tabloids. I wish that I didn't think that. Notice that they always know who celebrities are dating and their birthdays but they don't know anything about Cap and Trade taxes? Of course they believe everything that comes out of the mouths of celebrities as that is all that they listen to.

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    mental issues - the addiction, the sh1teous tattoos, the cutting and self harming. Compare her to the way she used to look; there's something seriously wrong there that goes way beyond politics.

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