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Eviction In Houston/Harris County?

Eviction In Texas, How Long Does It Take? I ask this because we got a 3 Day Eviction Notice yesterday 09-17-09 and we have no where to go..How much time do we really have to vacate? What about the Pauper's Appeal, what is that, and what does that do?

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  • Gary C
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    Evictions in Texas are (unfortunately for you) pretty speedy.

    I understand you might be hard pressed to find a place but Texas is pretty much a landlord-friendly state. Should you not vacate after the notice posted (3 days), they next step would be a court ordered eviction. The sherriff then gets involved and will come to your place and supervise your move out process.

    I've never come across the Pauper's Appeal. However, in my experience the judge is not going to grant you an extension just because you have no place to go and are of limited means. I know it sucks, and my heart goes out to you, but that's the way it works.

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