what happened to brain wilson from the beach boys in the 80?

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    By 1982, Wilson was regressing into old habits; he was taking large amounts of cocaine, he weighed over 300 pounds, and he was in danger of losing his life. Eugene Landy was once more called into action, and a more radical program was undertaken to try to restore Brian to health. This involved firing him from the Beach Boys, isolating him from his family on Hawaii, and being put onto a rigorous diet and health regimen. This, coupled with long, extreme counseling sessions, brought Brian back to reality. He was certainly healthier and more conversant than previously, but he was also under a strict level of control by Landy. Brian's recovery continued as he joined the band on stage in Live Aid in 1985, and recorded a new eponymous album with the Beach Boys.

    Above taken from the web site that I have given you which gives full information about Brian Wilson.

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