佢有咩特徵(5個)and hobbies(3個)



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    Stitch is the name of the genetic experiment 626, a fictional alien protagonist from the Lilo & Stitch films and television program. Originally created to cause chaos across the galaxy, he is marked by his short temper and mischievous behavior, traits that endear him to his friend Lilo, who adopted him as her puppy dog. He is voiced by his creator and the film's co-director, Chris Sanders.

    Stitch is a blue alien genetic creation standing around 3 feet tall. He strongly resembles a koala, or a french bulldog, as he's referred to as a dog throughout much of the franchise. He has a limited ability to change his physical appearance, as he can retract a second set of arms, his antennae and the three spines on his back into his body.

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