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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急 英文翻譯

1)UPS目前是全球NO.1包裹快遞, 特點是.時效與價位都不錯,比FedEx 便宜,比USPS

快但貴,特色服務是UPS ground,她更大的業務在公司和商家的後勤系統上。

2)FedEx是最早的技術革新快遞,包裹的tracking系統的最初開發者,但後來被UPS趕超,特點是速度快,但價格也貴,適合於公司業務。特色服務是FedEx Express。


入了大量資訊技術,其tracking 系統也開始完善,再有優勢是門店比較多,比較便宜

,個人業務比較多,不過到郵局經常得排隊。其特色服務是USPS first-class mail,大多數美國公司選此為一般信件的郵遞,特點是便宜,快,要求小於1磅。


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    1). UPS is currently the number one parcel post, and its competitive advatanges are having timely delivery and average pricing, which cheaper than FedEx, more efficent than USPS but a bit expensive than it, one of the distinguished features is the UPS ground, it acts successfully particularly in the logistic system of B2B.

    2). No doubts that FedEx is the founder of the innovative fast delivery technology, and the tracking system is also founded by FedEx, but it is caught up by UPS and even better, it provides more efficient service, and of course the price will go up a bit, suitable for B2B. FedEx has an outstanding service called FedEx Express.

    3). USPS is a national independent company, which is also known as civilian post office. The systems in USPS are stale and out-of-date, however it has largely been invested in technology recently, and its tracking system is also strating to reach maturity, furthermore, one of its competitive advantages that they have many stores, and cost-saving in the operation, personal transactions are the main income of the company, however, the waiting time is longer as people need to actually go to the post office and be queued. Its outstanding service is USPS first-class mail, most of the American companies also choosing this service as their normal posting, and the advantages of that is low price, efficient, as long as the posts are less than 1 pound.

    2009-09-18 16:44:03 補充:

    According to the analysis above, I would prefer UPS as the cooperation partner, the reasons of that because UPS is the most efficient company compare to the others, even though compare with the price, USPS is the lowest,

    2009-09-18 16:44:13 補充:

    however, due to the average day of the operational products mobility is 1.45, i.e. 250/365, UPS is operating better in the delivery time and price comparatively.

    2009-09-18 16:44:24 補充:

    On ther other hand, there is an internet tracking and flowing systems which provides detailed information that customers may want to know about,

    2009-09-18 16:44:36 補充:

    for instance, customer is able to speed up the order through the internet tools provided by UPS, so does the customer service, and also provide goods-tracking services, billing checking services, etc.

    2009-09-18 16:44:41 補充:

    which reducing the cost of increasing human resourse and time-consuming by the complex and traditional ordering

    2009-09-18 16:47:33 補充:


    which reducing the cost of increasing humban resourse and time-consuming by the internet tools, instead of having complex and traditional ordering.

    2009-09-18 16:53:23 補充:

    (Please ignore the one made on 2009-09-18 16:40:46 補充 as that one is incorrect) and humban is the wrong spelling, should be human=_="

    Source(s): i change a little bit of ur words, as something u cannot directly translate into English, but basically the same meaning, hope it helps
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    ) UPS package delivery is currently the world's NO.1 and features are. Timeliness and price are good, cheaper than FedEx, USPS ratio

    Fast but expensive, special service is UPS ground, she was a bigger business in corporate and business logistics systems.

    2) FedEx was the first technological innovation courier, parcel tracking system, the original developers, but was later overtaken UPS, is characterized by fast, but the price is also expensive for business. Featured service is FedEx Express.

    3) USPS is an independent national company, known as the post office is the people. System is relatively old and bloated, but in recent years, investment

    Into a large number of information technology, have begun to improve its tracking system, further advantage is that stores are more cheaper

    , Are more individual business, but to the post office often have to queue. Featuring service is USPS first-class mail, the majority of U.S. companies selected this as a general letter mail, is characterized by cheap, fast, require less than 1 pound.

    Based on the above analysis, I will choose UPS as a partner, because UPS is faster, although the USPS in the price of the most flat, but the circulation of goods due to operator the number of days an average of 1.45 days (250/365), UPS in transit time and price comparison superior, followed by the Internet provides a very detailed tracking and cargo flow of goods, for example: customers can speed through the UPS online tools for order management, as well as customer service, direct provision of cargo tracking, freight inquiries and other functions, to reduce the complexity by orders increase in manpower and time.

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