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冬兒 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




Dear C:






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    Dear C:

    It could be abrupt of me to write to you given that we may still not know each other yet. Let me introduce myself - I'm Amy's elder sister. I heard of you from her.

    I got to know that you're seeing Amy. Speaking as Amy's sister, do allow me to speak my mind. Amy is a really kind and friendly person. She is lovely and outgoing but she loves her family too. My family and I dote on her very much. I care about her and hope you're serious about her. Do cherish and love her.

    She insisted to go to US alone although we disapproved and worried about her. Anyway, we respected her decision and dream. I would like thank you and your family for taking care of her for us. Do kindly send Jem's my thank-you. Also, do make your trip to Taiwan if you've got a chance. We truly would love to see you soon!

    With best wishes,

    (Your name here)

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  • 1 decade ago


    Dear C.

    Make bold to write this letter to you very much, I think we should not still include and know.

    I am the elder sister of Amy, I listen to amy and mention you.

    I know you and amy are associating, what I wanted to tell you is: Amy is a very kindhearted and warm person.

    Though the lively extroversion of individual character of hers, is a very reluctant to be away from home girl. She is the little sister who we are very fond of. I hope you treat the thing that you associate conscientiously very much, hope you can treasure her and protect her.

    She goes to U.S.A. alone, though all of us do not agree to worry about her very much very much, but respect her choice and dream, here, thank your family's treatment of her first, please say to me that thanks to Jem whole family.

    Have an opportunity to welcome to Taiwan, all of us hope to know you! !

    Source(s): 自己
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