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各位大大 ~

有誰能告知在下影中的原聲帶有哪些 ?

尤其是影中女主角收到花瓣信件那段 ~

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    Spread Soundtrack

    The complete soundtrack of Spread:

    In My Own Little Corner

    Spread A Little Happiness

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Raise A Ruckus

    Impossible/Suddenly It Happens

    The Ball

    What Has Love got To Do With Getting Married

    A Lovely Night/Ten Minutes Ago

    Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?


    On the Steps Of The Palace

    Once I Was Loved

    If The Shoe Fits

    Tell Hm Anything

    The Stepsisters' Lament


    抱歉,因為本人尚未看過這部電影,所以得煩請您自行至youtube 蒐尋參閱了 !

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