Do anyone work as a Pharmaceutical Sales representative for Cardinal Health?

Can anyone working as a Pharmaceutical sales rep for Cardinal Health tell me how the salary is like? How the daily life of the job is like? And is it easy? Big points for someone working for Cardinal Health, but I'll also give points to anyone that work as a Pharmaceutical sales rep also. thanks.

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    I don't work for Cardinal Health, I work for a small specialty biopharmaceutical company.

    I started out with a base of 56,000 plus bonus, which I think may be on the high side for a first year rep.

    The job is great, as long as you get out in the field every day! A typical day includes 8 physician calls, where you try to do a total office call- even if the dr is unavailable, you still have to build rapport with the staff because they may also influence prescribing behavior. The day usually will also include an office lunch, and one or two pharmacy calls.

    The job is not just going out and talking with the doctors- you do want to be looking at market trends and managed care status to make the most out of the territory. You are constantly trying to keep market share and volume up on your drugs you promote. You have quotas, reports, and ride-alongs with the district manager.

    The job offers great perks, such as a company car and everything that you need for a home office. It is also great because you have a flexible day and you are not stuck at a desk all day! But, with all of this comes high expectations. If you're not up to will be CUT. I think it is also good for me to mention that training is VERY intense, and the terminology and disease states can be very difficult.

    I hope that helps a little. Good luck!

    Source(s): current pharma rep
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