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Who is R.Premadasa stadium?

For those who don't know this bloody ruthless dictator R.Premadasa . He was once a president of SL that bowed his head to India's external involvement of SL civil war crisis nd the same murderer that ordered to execute over 30,000 SL freedom party known as the JVP! However, ONCE UPON a Time this ruthless murdered and idiot had smtin in his heart that had passion....nd that was a sport called cricket so the President invested loads of money to build the R.Premadasa Stadium which was the first to have night lights and also one of the best Sri Lankan facility stadiums however, this stadium is to be CURSED for SL Cricket especially for the toss decision.

Now all Indians and any oppostion shall know the story behind R.Premadasa Stadium....


Thx for all the comments...

Update 2:

The only fresh of the boat, is not following on what im saying who is R.Premadasa...but, if u feel its funny to know facts then im srry for u.

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    R. Premadasa was the one who developed the south in Sri Lanka, through his works many homeless were given homes.... he was one of the most popular president in Sri Lanka for his charisma..... Though sadly his era was the start of ungodly politicians in SL.....

    If we are to speak about murderers then i guess, all the presidents of Sri Lanka are inaway murderers....

    It is not a coincidence that the same JVP university students killed, were searching to kill me in colombo..... I was born in 1988!!!!

    I do not judge politicians, cuase nowadays except for a few all the rest are pure S**T...... Gone are the days of gentlemen politicians like J.R Jayawadhana!!!!

    astute mind~~~

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    R. Premadasa is the only president Sri Lanka had who literally ''developed'' the country. His work is still to be seen everywhere in Sri Lanka. No other Sri Lankan leader had enough balls to do the work he did in his short stay in presidency.. I wish he was alive and ruled Sri Lanka again!

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    illuminate's story is sad

    astute mind~

    ॐ VICTORY -

    I think I have to remind how indian people cried after loosing the t20 world cup.


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    All i care about is we won the final and you guys are at home crying...

    EDIT--- This guy wrote WHO is R.premadasa stadium??? LMFAO talk about fresh of the boat!!

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    Yes yes....

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    Are you still crying?

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