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Experience with tattoos in the lower hip/stomach area and pregnancy?

I already know it can stretch the tattoo out, but I just want to know frome people with experience? Did this happen to you and if it did, did it help after you lost the baby weight or just any advice would be nice? I have a tattoo in this spot and I plan on having a few children so I'm just curious...thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A friend of mine used cocoa butter on her pelvic tattoo every day of her pregnancy and afterwords and her tattoo went right back to how it was. And it was seriously stretched with her pregnancy.

    Another friend of mine used nothing but lotion once in a while on her pelvic tattoo and it ended up looking like crap when she was done with her pregnancy.

    So I guess consensus says that if you take good care of your tattoo when you're pregnant then you will be fine. If you neglect it then it will come out looking like trash.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have a tattoo on my lower hip and i was pregnant with twins. It stretched out a little bit and i didnt put lotion on it everyday and it still went back to its normal size and looks exactly like it did when i got it. It really just depends on the person and their skin. But i would have to say most of the girls i know thats had kids their have gone back to normal as well!

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