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college sports? specifically volleyball?

Ive been looking at colleges lately and Im really into volleyball and ive been playing on school and a club team since i was 9.

I was just wondering if anyone would recommended to play in like a division II or if it was bad. Some people have told me that they wish they just went through college and had fun instead of waking up at 6am to go to practice.

I want to know a mix like PROs and CONs.

thanks and what schools would you recommend for D2 in the midwest?

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    College sports can be really difficult and a challenge. But its worth it you bond with your team and i would really say its worth it.. if you wanna have more free time you could look into NAIA schools, they will prolly be less strict and smaller so you can get more playing time. As for division 2 schools, i know augustana college in sioux falls,sd is an amazing D2 school phenominal program! its more expensive though seeing as its private but they do give out a lot of scholarships.I have a friend in track at Minnesota Morehead and she loves it! I think you would love playing college sports, just have to know how to manage your time wisely!

    List of D2 Schools in midwest that are worth checking out:

    1) Augustana College - Sioux Falls,SD

    2)Minnesota State University, Mankato - Mankato, MN

    3) University of Mary- Bismarck, ND

    4) Minnesota State University, Morehead,MN

    5)Northern State University- Aberdeen, SD

    attached is the link for the NSIC (northern sun intercollegiate conference) which is D2 schools in the midwest)

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    make a tape of all your highlights and send it to the college you want to go to...make sure your one of the best at the sport you play....it actually is hard to get a full scholarship for college by sports

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