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what is better ballet or tap?

I take ballet, tap, jazz and street jazz. I was wondering which one i should be more focused on.

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    I take ballet, tap and jazz and like each type of dace for separate reasons. I enjoy tap because its more upbeat that ballet and i always tend to have a laugh with my friends when i do it, but i like ballet because it allows mem to be more Feminine and graceful. Jazz is fun though because it can be more versatile and i get to dance to various types of music.

    Honestly it depends on what you want to do for what you should be focusing on. If you are just dancing for pure pleasure and not for competitions etc then try to focus on them all and just enjoy it. However if you would like a carrer in dance i recommend either ballet or jazz and street. If you really focus you could perform in things like the royal ballet but just remember that Professional ballerinas have a small shelf life. Jazz and street jazz however can get you in to all varieties of thing from theatre to even if your lucky performing in music videos alongside the stars, and you are likely to be in the industry for longer.

    But whatever you choose the key thing is to always enjoy it or there really is no point.

    Hope i could help :)

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    I think it depends on what you like better and which one you are better at, and if you are looking at a career in either of them. Personally i do ballet , tap and jazz and i like and am better at ballet and jazz rather than tap.

    So definately do what you like best and are best at

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    whichever one you pefer, but i will tell you this:

    1. ballet experiance will help you with any other form of dance you try

    2. jazz is fast and fun

    3. tap can get a little monotnous

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    In my opinion, ballet. Ballet covers a lot of dance styles-and I mean as in pirouettes, jetes whatever, a lot of dance styles have ballet terms in it so definitely ballet. Tap would be good for rhythm. But ballet is one of the most hardest styles of dance cause you do a lot of technique. Other than that,just keep on dancing!

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    Definitely ballet. You can do many more things based on that!

    Source(s): i also do ballet and tap
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    probably ballet would be more useful

    but i like tap better :)

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