What is the best suited SUV for commercial use?

I am purchasing a snack food route with a big territory. With the purchase, is a GMC Step truck (similar to a u-haul rental truck, two seater cab with a box cargo in the back.). This truck eats a lot of gas, and while it holds a lot of cargo, is not practical for day to day delivery.

I plan to use the truck to pick my product up from the warehouse once a week, and store it locally. For day to day delivery, I wanted to invest in a good SUV with ALOT of enclosed cargo space.

It can't be a cargo van, because it will be used to transport people as well. MPG is not a main concern, and I'd prefer to not spend more than $45,000, but I'd consider something more expensive if it did the job.

Give me your thoughts! Thank you so much!

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  • Dave J
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    1 decade ago
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    Forget the idea of an SUV. Most would be no better

    in MPG than the big truck, and are far from having

    "ALOT of enclosed cargo space".

    As far as the 4WD part of a SUV is concerned, that

    is what causes lower fuel mpg, and a much higher

    cost initially as well as maintenance costs. You can

    do much better in fuel economy, and still get around

    pretty well with most any front wheel drive vehicle.

    They maintain a good amount of traction, with good

    steering, and handling under very poor weather

    conditions of mud, snow, and water. (Nothing without

    metal tracks, or chains works well on ice.) Rear

    wheel drive vehicles require a good amount of extra

    weight just ahead of the rear axle to work as well

    as a front wheel drive vehicle. Weight over, or behind

    the axle tends to take steering weight off the ground,

    and can cause loss of control.

    Your best bet to have good cargo space as well as

    good passenger room, and good control under all

    weather conditions would be with a mini-van. Not

    the full size vans such as the Ford. Those are

    mostly rear wheel drives.

    Seating for passengers in vans can be of both the

    fold down types as well as removable. Most can

    have two rows of rear seats with some space

    behind the last seat, and the hatch door.

    I have a Plymouth van that I use for both cargo,

    and passengers. (I just wish I would have waited

    another year before getting it as to have had two

    rear sliding doors.) The third seat is the type

    that folds down, and since I seldom need the

    three seats I took the middle seat out. That

    gives me reasonable space behind the back

    seat, and a lot of handy space right at the

    side door.

    If you would find it necessary to have even

    more headroom, it is fairly easy to get and

    install one of the high tops. Doing that even

    provides extra room for shelving, and still

    works well for passengers. If the third seat

    would be needed, it can be easily put back

    where it was.

    Just as a note here, if you think you really

    need 4WD, which I doubt very highly, the

    Chrysler Corp. vans have had models of

    their vans with a 4WD option. I thought I

    would need one, but couldn't get it as fast

    as I wanted, so I got a 2WD. I am glad for

    that choice. The only option that I really

    needed was a spotlight. I did get that.

    It is really good for extra light where I

    need it at night whether it is to find an

    address, or just to give me light outside

    the van.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would look at a Dodge Grand Caravan with Stow-n-Go where the seats fold flat down. I use that as a courier and it works well for me.

  • Eautha
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    4 years ago

    not a Hundai commercial. Suzuki. Song is "Alive and Amplified" by Mooney Suzuki

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