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My employer has repeatedly failed to pay me on my designated payday. I found that this is a valid reason to quit and I would be eligable for unemployment benifits in my state of california. I have now found out that my employer has not reported ANY of my wages for a least the past two years. This is illegal. He has not only not been paying me but he has been pocketing my taxes he deducts from my checks. I have every paystub from this job over the past eight years. I need to know who to report this to.

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    You may report it to both the California Employment Development Department and the Internal Revenue Service for state and federal payroll tax fraud/evasion.

    For California:

    California Employment Development Department


    3321 Power Inn Road, Suite 140

    Sacramento, CA 95826

    Phone: 1-800-229-6297

    more information at

    For the IRS:

    Internal Revenue Service

    Fresno, CA 93888

    more information at,,id=10677...

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    1 decade ago

    if he didn't report your wages to IRS and also the state of Calif in the quarterly reports, he is in trouble

    especially that you have all your pay stubs

    didn't he give you a W-2 at the end of 2008? weren't you alerted that something was wrong then?

    the Labor board should be apprised of his negligence, not to mention IRs and EDD

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