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Barbel Squat v/s Smith Machine squat?

Which one you'll prefer as a martial artist???

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    The barbell squat is a little better as it puts a little less stress on your lower back. What works even better though is a seated incline leg press machine. That totally supports your upper, middle, and lower back while pressing the weighted platform up and a lot of people that have developed lower back problems from squats use this instead.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Barbell. Machines are a joke. Olympic weights will help the most in any sport.

    And I don't give a **** if people say strength is not important. That's like saying cardio isn't important.


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  • D D
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    there's no difference especially for ma's application. smith is better if your inexperienced that's all.

    Edit: no don't use a barbell if you have problems with squatting and your back, you use a smith machine for that.

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