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Brandy asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

Patrick Swayze..........................?

Was Patrick Swayze's death a huge news story in the US? In the UK they mentioned it maybe once or twice on breakfast television and then that was it. I was so disappointed because he made a huge contribution to the film industry and he was a pretty good dancer too.

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    Patrick Swayze has been very ill for a few years now, his death though very sad was expected and has been for a while. Though he was a big star back in his days since he became ill he hasn't been seen doing much. He did a tv series but hasn't done anything since. So though he is was still a popular actor for his major roles in Dirty Dancing, Ghost etc he hasn't been big news for a while. Unlike Michael Jackson, his death wasn't a shock, there was no controversy surrounding his death so it doesn't make such big news. Thats what news stations are after, big stories that will make people sit and watch, everyone knew Patrick Swayze was living on borrowed time, he wasn't expected to live as long as he did.

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    in the uk newspapers like the sun and the star seem to concentrate on things more important like kerry katona or jordan, (worthless scumbags) even when our brave soldiers are killed they might get a little mention but you can guarantee those two are headline news, i was disappointed in the coverage patrick swayze got in our papers. Sorry i didn't really give the answer you were asking but thought id reply.

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    I hear where your coming from. I haven't seen anything on patrick swayze yet on tv, no tv specials, or anything. The only way i heard about his death was on the radio, after that no one talked about it like it wasn't important. I mean they can pay the man some respect.

    I hear more about the Taylor swift and kanye west saga then i do patrick swayze. The media sucks.

    Source(s): "No one puts baby in a corner" :)
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    Yes it was a huge story. He was very popular in mainly film and carried a big following. It was sad as he used to be one of the "best looking men" (not my words - People magazine) in show business to get stricken by pancreatic cancer and die at 57 yrs old.

    May he rest in peace. We've enjoyed his movies in the U.S.

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    honestly, I saw a single blurb in the paper. FOX news covered it for about an hour, and I imagine it got similar attention on the other news networks, but nothing much else.

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    its sad the media only thinks its news worthy if its sudden death.. however because he suffered for 2 yrs like farrah fawcett it doesnt seem as shocking and therefore received less news coverage..

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    it wasn't like farrah fowcett or michael jackson. they had tributes on 7 and A&E but then again people knew he was dying. so it wasn't a huge shock. i think the only reason why farrah got so much press was because she died the same day as michael, so it was fair coverage.

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    no it was not really

    but i was so upset cus u could tell he was such a nice guy

    funnly enough i answered a question bout him da day b4 he died n watched ghost same day 2.

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    1 decade ago

    It is receiving a fair amount of coverage here.

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    you're right. its not been very big. but maybe its because he had cancer, and some people kinda 'knew' he was really ill and might die, and it wasnt a sudden shock. but IM shocked!

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