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What to do at Vancouver Airport or a close Hotel?

I have a international flight from Vancouver at 5 am in the morning. Since I will have to be there 2 hours earlier and I am not sure if I should use the Skytrain and the buses at that time, if there is a close hotel or one with shuttle service at that time. Or if I go to the airport the night before if there would be something at the airport or around it to do. Thanks


It would be less for the sleeping, more for the getting there. I will have to get there from Surrey. I thought about getting to the airport in the late evening and then just staying there but I am wondering what to do for those 8 hours.

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    Ouch. Usually with a flight on those hours I just opt to stay up.

    The Fairmont Hotel right in the airport (and adjacent to the international section) is one of the most comfortable and modern hotels I have stayed at.

    Or a more frugal choice with a free shuttle is the Coast Airport. I have stayed there more. It depends on how important an extra hour of sleep is to you.

    Your are correct in your worries, skytrain does not operate at 3am and you would be taking a taxi. The airport as well has little to do over night. Your 5 am flight is probably some of the first activity for the day.

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    Forget the buses and Skytrain from Surrey would be my guess, they are barely running, if at all, at 3 am, but check with Translink. There is nothing to do at the airport overnight. All the stores are closed and maybe even the restaurants though you might call and ask. I think maybe Timmy's is open all night. Can't remember. Pretty sure someone sold me a cup of tea pretty early(or late). I've hung around overnight a couple of times when I flew in late and had to fly out early. Not worth paying airport hotel rates and settling in only to wake up 6 hours later and head back. I'd get there as late as possible, bring a book, have dinner before you go, bring a snack and a drink and I hope you have a cell with an alarm clock on it. There are always a few people wandering around all night and sleeping on the furniture. Check with the airline. The desk might not even open 2 hours before the flight. If you're there when they open, you can be at the head of the line and there won't be the usual lineups so you don't need the whole 2 hours to get to your gate on time, but everyone else on your flight will be lining up too so keep an eye on that.

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    Since you are only travelling from Surrey my best suggestion would be to take an early nap then take a taxi to the airport around 2am. It is not really worth the money to stay at a hotel just for a short time although many of the hotels in Richmond offer free shuttles to the airport. If you do look at this option check the times as some of the shuttles only start operating at 5am. There is not really a lot to do at YVR overnight, even at 5am there is very little open until you go through security where you will find some kiosks open.

    If you really want to stay at a hotel and money is not a problem then the Fairmont is your best bet. It is located in the terminal so all you would have to do is check out and walk downstairs to check in.

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