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Dawn asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

My electric meter reader leaves my gate open each month. My dog is now missing. Don't they know to?

...close gates they had to open? I have an indoor dog that I have to let out in my yard several times a day but he isn't visible when the meter reader comes to my house. Just because you see no dog doesn't mean the homeowner doesn't have one. Why can't they close the gate? Does everyone who owns a dog have to call the electric company to inform them of their "dog status" and provides special instructions to "close gate behind you"?

At this point, I may NEVER see my dog again. He's gone. Maybe the SPCA needs to get involved? And animal control?


I know it is the meter reader because he reads the meter on the 17th of each month. My gate has been left open in the past on the 17th the month... not any other days... and no other visitors through the gate I managed to get the gate closed the other months but forgot to check it this morning... but I don't think I should be required to babysit the meter reader either. He should be more responsible and close ALL gates behind himself. It doesn't take an education, just common sense.

Update 2:

Perhaps if ALL meter readers, and other home service providers, could be responsible enough to "close" a gate they initially found closed, fewer pets would find themselves euthanized by Animal Control... It only takes one open gate, ONE TIME.

Update 3:

Note: My dog DOES live inside and IS house trained... Now, if we could only train the meter readers... THATS the REAL issue here.

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    No need to inform the reader. Just put a lock on the gate. Period! Guess who will knock on your door to read your meter. Guess who will change your meter to a radio signal reading type meter. Period!

    I always leave the gates in the condition I find them in when I get there.

    Good luck

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  • Lock your gate and request a remote reader. With a remote reader they can get your reading without coming through your gate. All of my utilities are set up this way.

    The other option is to read the meter yourself and send in the reading. The electric company might ask to come verify readings a couple times a year.

    Good luck finding your dog.

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    Call the electric company and talk to the manager there about this.

    Did your gate have a sign on it?

    Contact animal control and the shelter AND the police (they get lost dogs turned in to them) and make out missing dog reports, give the date he was lost, a description and whether the dog has a collar on. Call the closest 4 vet clinics and report a missing dog (someone may take him in to check for a microchip). Post picture flyers there and around your neighborhood AND at the grocery stores. And go down to animal control and the shelter with flyers too, plus look at the dogs in the impound area, some descriptions they use may not be consistent with the one you provided them. You need to physically look at the dogs to be sure. They only hold a short time before euthenizing them.

    Call every other day to the shelter and animal control. to stay on top of this. Animal control also removes dead animals from the road, ask to see their reports going back to the day your dog was lost.

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    we have dogs that are sometimes in the yard, sometines not(doggy door). Our meter reader always closes tha gate. It has never been a problem. If the gate is closed when the meter reader comes to the house, he should close it when he leaves. You need to report this to the electric company.

    I hope you find your dog. We actually have 2 gates the reader has to go thru and he closes both of them.

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    You could have your gate or fence posted to let people know there is a dog in the backyard. Even if the dog isn't aggressive, you could post a "Beware of Dog" sign.

    Or, you can call them and let them know. Our property is gaited, so we had to call to give the utility company, UPS, etc. our gate code so that they could get onto the property.

    Sorry your dog is lost - however, how do you know for sure it was the meter reader? Could have been anyone. And, possibly it could have been someone who stole your dog.

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  • Pamela
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    1 decade ago

    Call electric company and explain to them what has happened and tell them you are putting a lock on gate and meter reader will need to come to door to get the key to get in

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would put a lock on your gate that only opens from the inside. Make them come at your convenience to read the meter and this way you will know to close the gate. A lock with a key would also serve the purpose.

    I hope you find the dog.

    ADD: more than likely they will move the box they need to read to the outside of the fence not to deal with you... My electric company did :-)

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    I would be furious. But for now, I'd be focusing on getting the dog back. Later I'd definitely put a sign on your gate and complain to the power company.

    First, I assume you've driven around the neighborhood. The next step is call animal control and any shelters in your area to file a report. Then it's critical to put this on craigslist. Be sure to mention a reward in the title - you don't have to say what it is, and it doesn't have to be much, but it helps. And then keep checking around the neighborhood and any busy streets nearby, asking if anyone has seen him. I hope you find him soon!

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    We have had this happen MANY times. We actually ended up having to padlock our gate after we lost one dog because of the Electric Company's ignorant employee. We have it noted on our account, and have for YEARS, and they still don't seem to get it. About 3 months ago, one of their employees actually jumped our fence and was cornered by our 2 Rotties. You need to put up No Trespassing and Beware Of Dog signs and padlock the gate. Make sure to speak to a Supervisor with the Electric Co. and have them verify that it is noted on your account that you have dogs. I hope you find your dog, and if he's chipped, make sure to check with local vets as well as Animal Control. Alot of dogs are brought into clinics for scanning. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    i'm so sorry your dog is missing. I know it is heartbreaking and hopefully if you check the local animal shelters and vets, you can find him. If you do find your dog, I would recommend putting a sign up by your gate that says,"Please shut gate, dog present" or something along those lines. I would call your electric company and file a complaint as well. Good luck!

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