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If the USA is the #3 spender on Education, why doesn't Obama focus on this vs. health care?

The USA is almost the top spender in world wide education spending. However we have one of the worst public schools.

Why doesn't Obama focus on education and making it better and provide more competition? Why is he focusing on health care when this is a bigger problem?

If he feels public education is so great, why does he send his kids to private schools?

Is it because the teacher unions support him and he does not want to rock the boat?

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    Why is that the USA was once ranked number one in education and was the envy of the world ? But since the inception of the US Dept of Education and the formation of the teachers unions our graduation rates have plummeted while drop out rates have soared ?

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    you have to examine which portion of the population is so poorly served by the public schools and their political clout to really understand.

    the elite do not send their children to public schools, so their interest is to keep taxes as low as possible and the public schools as useless as possible -- this both saves their wallets and reduces the competition their children will face in the future for the leadership roles in America.

    the non-college bound children of the poor and middle class just aren't in the vision of the schools -- the schools' purpose is to sort children and find those who will either go to college and thus become our middle class worker bees or find those children who will take orders on the job [make good employees] for all their lives.

    While children who are eligible for special education are supposed to receive an education that is specifically tailored to their needs -- no other child has that right unless his parents pay some private school to provide it.

    And since it isn't required -- public education is very much one size fits all and let the chips fall where they may. The schools have no interest in which specific children get enough learning to become physicians, so long as there are enough qualified applicants in total to supply the economy's needs.

    socialism -- when the needs of the collective are more important than the needs and rights of the individual.

    Source(s): i'm also married to a Professor of Education at University -- the failings of the public schools are well known but the system isn't interested in being reformed because, so far, it meets the needs of the opinion leaders of America [the elites] just fine.
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    Because if you herd animals lose your minds over a minor speech, what do you do with more involvement?

    Besides, you don't want an education system; you want an indoctrination system whereby you can only give one side of history, you can pray in school and teach Cretinism all at the same time.

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    Priorities, we currently spend twice as much as any other country for Health Care. The outcome for most Americans is worse than that of problems with our educational system.

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    Worst public schools??? You mean the educational system that is responsible for getting man on the moon and eradicating the world of many dreaded diseases?

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    Our education system is working just fine for Obama and the Democrat party.

    Our graduates are too stupid to enter college. So when they do enter college they will pay thousands of dollars to brain washed by American hating Communists.

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    but unlike health care US education is actually good, with 7 of the top ten unis being american, while the US is 37th in health care 4 behind chile

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    I think he is more concerned about people dieing on the streets.

    I am 19 I have had brain tumors my entire life and I am on life support medicines. I need my 4th brain surgery and the insurance companies left me to die.

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    Maybe Obama should give a little pep talk to motivate teachers, students and parents...

    oh wait...

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    Schooling in America is in very bad shape, just as you write. But sick people don't study much. Health care is first.

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