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I prefer to live in a big city even though there are too much more people and noise. Those who hate the surroundings in a big city polluted even like to live in a small city or town more.

Why I prefer to choose a big city? Regarding this, I am a young man and will take the responsibility of maintaining my future family. If anyone is concerned about his or her future house, they will have to do everything that they can do to plan and be ready for the future. According to the above, indeed and first, we must have enough money to support a family. Therefore, the advantages that I live in a big city will appear clearly.

For example:

First, there are many recourses of studying, including library, good teachers, advanced technologic equipment at school in a big city.

Second, the traffic is convenient, and we can save lots of time to study.

Third, some public welfare foundations often take place the discourse of life, economics, career etc. That could add my sight to the trend of the world.

Fourth, if we want to hold a study meeting, will be quite quick and efficient.

Fifth, after studying hard, we usually have to relax myself, and there will be perfect.

Sixth, the part-time job can be obtained easily.

Seventh, people in a big city compete so severely that we could grow quickly.

Eighth, there are usually a couple of colleges, and we are able to audit any class at different school.

Ninth, especially, if sometimes we feel disappointed, the sight of hot girls will make us excited.

Tenth, there are often full of creative in a big city.




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    I prefer to live in the big city even though the city is more crowded compared to small town or village. However, people who are not quite comfortable with population density in big cities would rather choose to live in the suburban or rural areas for the sake of tranquility.

    One of the reasons I prefer big city more than small town or village is because there are more resources in terms of education, and the advancement of technology. For example,the school facilities in the city are more advanced than the ones in the small town. Secondly, the courses in city have a higher average of difficulty and wider range of field. With this being said, the city has more opportunity in learning and a bigger chance in finding a job after graduated from school.

    In conclusion, a big city has its own advantage over a small town or village. For instance, the city is full of excitement everyday, it never gets boring or old. Living in the big city, one can find or discover something new everyday and learn new informations from new people. Because there are so many pedestrians on the street, one will be able to talk to many new people in a short amount of time. Unlike the living styles in the rural area, where people know everyone in the community and talk to the same people everyday. However, the urban life is not for everyone because of its badly polluted surroundings due to the heavy traffics. Since I am still young, I would like to explore more things in the big city rather than the small,sound suburban.

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