when to use don't doesn't and didn't?

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    As has been previously stated, don't, doesn't, and didn't are all contractions, which are considered informal speech, so you would want to use them only in informal writing.

    Other than that, don't and doesn't are used for ongoing or current actions or states. Don't is for use with 1st or 2nd person subjects (I don't like that. You don't need to go there.). Doesn't is used for 3rd person subjects (He doesn't like lima beans. Hannah doesn't want a puppy.)

    Didn't is used in past tense situations, where the action has already occurred, and it works with all types of subjects (He didn't take the test. I didn't like that pie. You didn't get a notebook.).

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    When you are writting? I don't really understand the question... but if you are talking about informal and formallly.. you use those informally...e.g a letter to a friend or on a shopping list. But you use Does not for example when you are writing a formal letter, say to the queen or what not :L

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    don't= do not

    doesn't= does not

    didn't= did not

    when you are writing, instead of writing do not, the don't is used

    you use don't for I, you and they, eg, I don't know or they don't know

    you use doesn't for he and she, eg, she doesn't want to go to school

    didn't is the past tense and this is used for I, you, he/she and they, e.g, he didn't turn up for his lesson today...

    hope this helps :)

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