Looking to write a holographic will?

I want to write my own holographic will However I do not own anything of value, I rent my home.I have no debt. The only things I own are my late grandmothers car and my dogs. I have an account set aside for use tp care for my dogs and nothing but my dogs shall something happen. I want a will written up so that I can insure who they go to and that my money be spent on nothing but my funeral and my dogs. I have no children or spouse as of this moment, If and when I do at that time I will write another one. I need a template on how to write a holographic will partaining to my dogs.

I have found some simple will templates but they are made with things that contain nothing but children and since that is not a subject in my life I need another style. Can anyone help?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It doesn't have to be holographic or in handwriting. You can type it out. You need to check with your state to see how many signatures of witnesses you need and if it needs to be notarized. In some states a hand written will needs no witnesses or only one. You need to be sure of the legal requirement.

    You must have all your expenses or debts paid, including that of your last illness. Then you can speak of bequests or dog custody, etc. you can have a roll-over trust to roll what you have over to a trust agreement with someone as trustee but it does incur attorney fees and court fees in the reporting.

    You might be able to use those templates and adjust them to work for your dogs. You will need something for any remaining money that may survive the dogs to go to some person or charity.

    Good luck to you. i know of no template.

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    You have nothing to worry about.

    Use the forms you have and just make separate paragraphs for the car and dogs in an easy understandable language.

    One of the problems with wills is that so many are written in such legalese that they need 50 people to interpret them.

    Make yours simple and easy to understand. Whatever its form, your intent will be there.

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