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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 1 decade ago

what am i facing after being charged with a dui and child endangerment?

i have never been in trouble before, i never drink and drive with my child in the car (his 7y. old) that was the first time i've done that,i normally would spend the night at whoever house i'm at, if i'm drinking, the reason i drove home that night was because my mother was going to be locked out when she got home and she called me at the last minute to let me know she was coming home, i know i made the biggest mistake i admit i was wrong, i'm very scared i might get jail time, i'm afraid i can loose my job or my home, i'm a single mother, i know i made a bad choice!

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    You need your mom as a witness and a lawyer. You are in trouble. You will be involved with child services for a minimum amount of time (at least a year). They have the power to put anything down on paper, so careful what you say and how you say it. Good luck 2u.

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    i wish i was level 2 so i could rate man in the box as bad... stupid bastard... with this being your first offense if you get the right attorney you should be able to get a deffered sentence, and the fact that your child was in the car will probably increase your rehabilition side of things.. such as in a normal dui deferment where i am from (oklahoma) you get 13 to 30 hours of aa as a requirment... chances are you will get twice that, and then community service and so on you will probably get double... now on the dui you should not get any jail time... but if your attorney can not get the child endangerment charge thrown out then you may get 30 to 90 days in jail, but if that does happen, what you need to do is get someone in your family who is close to you such as your mother to take custody of your child so that the state does not attempt to... then when all is over then you can get your child back without having to get your child back from state custody... but this is probably not going to happen... if you get a good attorney what will happen is he will be able to get the court to go about the offense in a rehabiliton manner, and though you had an alchol addiction... if you dont get a good attorney they will go about it in a punishment style... it will be expensive... i know because a friends son got charged with dui, open contatiner, and eluding the police... they got a good attorney for 2000 bucks, and he got the boy a 90 day deffered sentence on all charges which is not counted as a conviction... but in fined he paid 4000 dollars... and then he had to pay for all the classes and counseling and assesments... in the end he paid almost $8000 which is alot of money... good luck... and if you are in the oklahoma area use charles sifers as your attorney... he is the best dui attorney in the nation... THE TRICK IS TO GET AN ATTORNEY WHO CAN GET THE DUI OVERTURNED... IF HE CAN GET THE DUI THROWN OUT THEN THERE IS NO CHILD ENDANGERMENT... a good dui attorney can find faults in the police reports, and in the intoxaliar machines, and so on and so forth... it will be expensive but worth it in the end! good luck

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    nicely i stay in alabama and my mom has been arested thrice for appearing like a dr n calling pills in to the drugstore this is reli undesirable and additionally my brother sister and that i've got been given took away and this became final 12 months i'm nonetheless no longer returned wit my mom yet i'm getting to be in december, yet my factor is she didnt get penitentiary time or something and he or she could have went to penitentiary i don think of you will flow to penitentiary and plus they gave ur son returned so as that a stable ingredient!

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    It depends on where you are. Check the penal codes for your state. If you plan to go to trial, get an attorney if you can't afford one a public defender is better than nothing. It probably won't be a jailable offense. A large fine and community service may be it, but again it depends on where you are.

  • 1 decade ago

    Get a good lawyer ASAP. You could loose your child over this AND face serious jail time. You need professional advice now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If it is your first offense you may be eligible for diversion. A good lawyer can get the child endangerment charge thrown out. I wish you well.

  • 1 decade ago

    shame on you! do you care ENOUGH for your child?! no!! how dare you put that childs life in danger! mothers are supposed to protect their kids! you probably won't get what you deserve and thats to bad!

  • Chrys
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    1 decade ago

    ask the judge...we don't know where you live, what the judge is like and what your record wait...

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