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Is this guy Im "dating" going to end up back with his ex?

him and his ex were together on and off for 4 years and lived together

*she broke up with him

*soon after the break up she tried to work things out but he denied

*we met on women seeking men on CL 3days after. We met in person

2 weeks after. (he said they had broken up a couple months ago)

*I've known him for 6 weeks. He treats me great...when were together.

*He started talking to his ex again 2 weeks ago. They have hung out twice since including once at his house to swim.

*HIs texts to her are somewhat flirty as his texts to me.

*He states they're just friends.

*He states he's not rebounding. (i think he shows signs)

*He states he doesn't want to be exclusive with me or anyone or anything serious because he just got out of a loooong bad relationship.

*Superficially, she's a lot better looking than me. However, I'm younger and more succesful than her.

*If she doesn't contact him he doesnt contact her..but once she does he's all over it.

*He erases my comments on his fb page.

*We took a weekend trip together...I sent him the pics and he only posted ones of himself or scenary.

I know they still talk...but I was unaware about them hanging out...I read his texts.

Another text convo that somewhat bothered me was them telling each other they still loved each other...but didnt want to get back together cuz shes focusing on school and turning her bad habits into good habits and he just wants to do his own thing. She said after hes done doing his thing and some time has passed that the door is always open and he said if the stars align that would be fantastic cuz they had such a good foundation for a lasting relationship. These texts lead me to believe he's not.

Perhaps he's trying not to? What do you think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He may not end back up with his ex, but it seems pretty obvious that he doesn't right now want to be exclusively with you either.

    There's a reason why he deletes your messages and doesn't post your pictures, and I'm guessing it's because he doesn't want anyone to know that he's been with you.

    Him getting back together with his ex to swim and be together...I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were having sex together.

    To me it seems like if his ex asked him back he would go, but because she is telling him not now, he's going to be with her as much as he can and you and/or other women until he gets the okay with her.

    I honestly think this guy doesn't deserve you. You should seriously consider not being with him in that manner anymore and finding someone else who is going to be head over heals for only you.

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