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facts about rodney mullen?

what age he started skating?

what tricks did he do while he was real young?

does he skate loose(while the board is loose or stiff)?

what were his methods to learning tricks and mastering them(obviously practice all day, but other than that)?

any other more facts about him, just let me know......

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    He started skateboard at age 11

    He didnt know any tricks because tricks werent made at the time. Rondey mullen made almost EVERY trick.

    Stiff. he has it stiff because its safer and he doesnt turn he does kick turns which are fast

    He made them.

    Dont listen to the other guy. Fist of all chad muska nickname is mutt and no one raped a dog

    Source(s): 5 years of skating
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    Rodney Mullen Facts

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    Rodney Mullen received the nickname Mutt because he once bet Tony Hawk $300 he could rape a dog. Tony did not believe that Mullen would go through with this act so Tony shook on it......... To this day Rodney has never received his $300.

    If you don't believe me read Rodney's Autobiography.. im pretty sure its in there

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