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Questions about sharing my faith with non-Christians?

"Christianese" is using phrases like "I asked Jesus into my heart." or "God has plan for my life." Stuff like that, that people who have never heard the gospel wouldn't really understand. If a non-christian came up to you and asked you to explain your beliefs (if you are a Christian) but you could not use "Christianese" what would you tell them?

Also, what is a worldview to you?

And what does it mean to have a Christian worldview?

One more: Do you know why you are a Christian? Like I know I am one. But if someone asked me why I am, I wouldn't know what to tell them.

I just want to be prepared. So if you guys could answer all these questions that would be great! Thanks guys! Ten points to best answer:)

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    Those who are open to hearing, because God has worked in some way with them, will listen... if they are not open to hearing The Truth they will not..... but... they can, and do, observe your witness(your life)... if your witness is correct then thy may become open to God's leading even if they are not consciously aware of it... be ready to share what you know...

    I agree about the "christianese"... it turns off many... it did me for many years...

    when asked a question about the God stuff answer honestly... and if you do not know... be honest about it...

    Share your Testimony... briefly at first, don't get all heavy with it right off... add more detail as the questions arise...

    The "view" for The True Christian is Christ, as The Way to God.... no need to go into a "worldview"... keep it simple.... stick to The Truth.

    I have been of The True Church(The True Christian Faith) for 9.5 yrs... I invite you to visit my site at:

    comments and suggestions are always welcome from Christian brothers and sisters.

    Source(s): God's promise to me in the instant of my Salvation
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    That's allot of questions let's see:

    As a non Christian I do understand what you mean by the phrases. If the person asking you is of a different religion usually that means you can say the "Christianese" and it would be easy to understand. The concept is not quite the same but close enough that they would understand.

    My worldview is that we are here (on earth) to worship God, What we will become depends on what we do, everything is connected, nothing is infinite but God.

    a Christian worldview i think would contain in my opinion something of the following:

    1.We are God’s creation, designed to govern the world and fellowship with Him (Genesis 1:27-28; 2:15).

    2. God Himself has redeemed the world through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ (Genesis 3:15; Luke 19:10), and will one day restore creation to its former perfect state (Isaiah 65:17-25).

    As I'm not a Christian I can't answer that. But if someone asked me why i was in my religion I would say what my mother (a convert) says: She studied all religions and found peace only in this one.


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    I really _dislike_ questions that include something like "Ten points to the best answer". Talk about nonsense and that is really what you are babbling on about -- "Christianese" is nothing but meaningless drivel that does not address what you actually believe.

    What you believe is what you follow. If someone wants to know what I believe, I tell them the basics of my religion's teachings and answer any specific questions that best I can.

    "Worldview" has to do with being aware of the world around you. Anything less and you are looking through colored glasses. In the case of a "Christian" worldview, you are blind to certain aspects of the world (often, to facts, since many Christians are blind when it comes to certain aspects of life).

    If you do not know _why_ you are a Christian, then you need to find out. Otherwise, you really have no claim to the title (and unfortunately, that's the way I view many people who claim to be Christian).

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    Try writing out your testimony and practicing it w/o any of the catch phrases. Tell ppl what a difference there is in your life since you started doing things the bible way and use everyday language. That's what I do and I've been a street evangelist and am now a hospital chaplin. The true love of Jesus is the most powerful thing we have then let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. It isn't our place to change or convict it is only our job to tell. God Bless

    If you feel you need scripture to back you up the tracts of the Romans Road is my Fav.

    Source(s): my e-mail is always open if you need anything else.
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    By living it and loving my neighbors and even my enemies. (the last one takes alot of work) I'm not much on preaching, but I may occasionally have a chance to testify to what Jesus has done for me. I don't like to be preached at so I don't preach. I quite going to the church building because all they could do is preach at me when I was desperate for help. I needed understanding and compassion and they pushed me away while telling me they loved me? Truth is I have found more compassion in some nonchristians than some christians. People don't like to be talked at. A person would be more receptive to a person who shows that they really care about them. A good example is the people in third world countries. Anyone who would try to preach the Gospel to them, but not make an effort to help them wouldn't get very far. So they go in with food and other things to help to meet their needs to show the love of God, then they share about the love of God. Start by praying for your friends, and just love them. By loving and accepting them just the way they are you will be showing them the love of God. Pray for the words to say and the wisdom to pick the right time to say anything. You will have opportunities, God will make sure of it. He wants them saved more than any of us can possibly imagine. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you the right words to say.

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    Thank you for recognizing this basic principle. You can't talk to non-Christians like you do in Bible study and do anything besides stroke your own ego.

    But I'm not sure you can do this without substantially modifying the basic Evangelical structure. For example, I would tell a non-Christian who asked what God was that God is "the emotion of elevation and its object" where the object is the symbol of God in the Bible.

    Could you handle talking about God as a symbol, as an Evangelical?

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    First of all, there is no such thing as "Christianese." Terms such as that, are often examples of why Christians can be made into laughing stalks by non-believers.

    Secondly, phrases like "I asked Jesus into my heart," is just one of many poor ways of witnessing to non-christians, because for one thing, non-christians who belong to other religions, usually have which ever deity(of the religion that they belong to)in their heart, & have no intention to worship Jesus.

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    I would tell them that I believe in one God and that he sent his son to die for everyone so that we could go to heaven. A world view is what people do that the Bible says not to do. Something that might hurt your body like drinking would be part of the world.

    I know why I'm a Christian. I didn't want to go to hell. I wanted to live forever in heaven.

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    In sharing your faith, all you can do is tell them the gospel story and the holy spirit will have to convict them to repent. you can't save them, only tell them what you know. by asking Jesus in your heart is not true salvation, you need to have a spiritual birth (John 3:3) you need to receive salvation from God there is nothing you can do to earn it.

    p.s. are you 100% sure your sins are forgiven? if not you are not a christian. you are saved from hell.

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    Trust me, most people you will run into HAVE heard of Christianity, they just don't believe in it for one reason or another.

    Many of us "Non-Christians" are actually "Ex-Christians".

    Keep that in mind when you do your wittenessing.

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