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Are US immigration laws unjust?

Do you believe the current laws designed to prevent illegal entry to the United States are unfair? If you answer, please give some legitimate information, not just a baseless opinion.


Sorry, what I'm asking is not just "are immigration laws unfair", but I mean... Are current immigration laws in the US too harsh? It takes years to earn citizenship, etc etc.

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    What' unfair about immigration laws? All countries have immigration laws, they can't allow people come and go as they please with no control of who it's been allowed to enter. Not to mention that all national resources are NOT unlimited, one single country can't provide food and shelter for the entire World population.

    I don't want to name any country in particular because I know that it's not only from Mexico that illegal immigrants come from; but let's take the case of Mexico: I know for a fact that they also have immigration laws. and that anyone entering the country illegally is going to face a very serious legal consequences.

    So can people that enter Mexico illegally claim that Mexican immigration laws are unfair? No, they can't.

    When you brake the law (any law) you know that you might face consequences if you get caught.


    As for taking too long to earn citizenship: that's normal in every country. In the US citizenship is "permanent" once is granted so I see no problem if they take their time to see if the applicant really deserve it.

    Also remember that the list of applicants is very long, and that immigration services don't have enough personel and time to deal with all of them as fast as some people would like it to be.

    Besides nothing in life is free, so if the price to earn the citizenship is to wait a couple of years and to prove you deserve the citizenship then it doesn't sound that unfair in my opinion.

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    If it was too easy to illegally enter the US and get citizenship, US would be different. Immigration law is actually very fair. It gives every immigrant from different countries fair changes, not just ones from countries with a huge influx of immigrants such as Mexico, China, India and Philippines. Everything is based on quotas. Also, if it was so easy to illegally come to the US, no one would take their US citizenship seriously. That's never a good thing. We need orders in this society, not a chaos caused by some soft hearted laws.

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    If you are white and from an english speaking country, you can come here fairly easily. The more color your skin has, or if english is not your native language, the less likely.

    The reason we have such an illegal problem is because we have such a strangehold on legal immigration. If it was a matter of saving for a few years while waiting on a waiting list, that would be fairer, but it is so difficult to get a legal visa to come here that they could work all their lives to never be able to afford it and their number will never come up.

    I think it is so hypocritical of americans who are 2nd and 3rd generation themselves to look down their noses at the immigrants of today. Our country was founded on and built on immigration.

    If you are a Native American, please feel free to *****.

    Source(s): granddaughter of an illegal from Ireland
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    no, they are not unjust. If it was a persons fate to be BORN in the united states, they WOULD have been born in the united states.

    Still, there is something to be said about being an illegal immigrant. I was born here and I watch as people from various foreign countries come here and are able to buy 2 and 3 bedroom homes for ONE PERCENT of their market value because we want everybody to get a fair shake and I have to wind up RENTING from these people, who aren't even CITIZENS and my rent money BUYS THEIR HOUSE for them.

    Is that fair? Go peddle your french somewhere else, were all stocked up on crazy here.

    I can't vote. I have to be level 2. But here's my vote for Bobby. I've often thought we should just TAKE OVER MEXICO and herd all those people onto reservations and then we would actually DO SOMETHING USEFUL with their country. How long have they had it? 300 years? And what have they done with it. NOTHING!!

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  • Rachel
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    Unjust, yes I think they are. They are to lenient. Well maybe not but they have no consequences, there are so many illegal aliens where I live and nobody does anything about them. It makes me mad that my 9 year old has to learn Spanish to talk to her classmates. When MY family immigrated to the US they had to learn to speak the language which was ENGLISH! Our economy sucks as it is, we don't need hector and his family of 35 in their one mini-van taking all of our jobs away....... I know I'm going to get all kinds of crap for this so I'm sorry but its how I feel

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