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I'm getting married in January next year. This is an inter-cultural wedding, I'm an Indian and he is american.?

I've no idea other than what I read in bridal guides about american weddings. Could you please suggest me some altar decoration, guest book and cake table decorations etc. Is it ok if my mom wears a saree and mom-in-law a dress? I'm planning to add some elements from hindu wedding to make it unique and sort-of fusion like:

1.Carrying a brass lamp instead of bouquet.

2. Seven cirles around fire (the same lamp, I'm going to carry to altar) for our vows

3. favors from India

4. Crystal Bindi and Bagles with white gown

I'll appreciate any suggestion.

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    yes your mom can use a saree and fmil a dress

    alter just some nice flowers not to be mean kinda like the funeral type and one long one that goes on the alter kinda like this

    ask the location that u are doing the wedding if you can transport the flowers or they have it as a donation some catholic churches require the flowers to stay for what reason i dont know. that way something like that can be used on the buffet or head table.

    cake table i would have a small table large enough for the cake and have the cake cutters on the side

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    It all sounds good. I work at a banquet hall that does weddings and we've had a few Indian/American blended wedding receptions.

    One catered in Samosas from a local Indian restaurant and served them during the cocktail hour along with the passed American hors d'oeuvres.

    Another bride was telling me about her future in laws when they attended the pre-wedding celebration (can't remember what it's called). She said they really got in the spirit of the celebration. She (the bride) didn't want an elaborate henna, but her in-laws were getting more and more henna, and of course the bride's is supposed to be the most elaborate, so she had to get more than she had originally wanted. She seemed a little annoyed, but I thought it was great that her future husband's family embraced her culture so openly.

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    it is okay 4 your mom to a saree and mom in law a dress but separate the two families. u should go with 2

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    A marriage ceremony is the union between the 2 of you. Your guest is there to help you celebrate the special day. Plan it with your husband and request your special quest to comply with your wishes because ultimately, it is a day for only the both of you. Your guest might forget that day but you and your spouse will not. Make it your day, not theirs.

    Source(s): We plan our wedding and incorporated the wishes of our parents as respect, but, ultimately, it was our wedding.
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    Since you are leaving the Hindu fold, you can't have a Hindu marriage, as it those things have religious significance, you can have it but it will be disrespectful. Btw congratulations and have a happy married life.

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    american? you mean he is WHITE

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