Opinion Paper On The Civil War?HELP!?

my teacher- the lyrical spherical diabolical

Ms.Vilder, has given the assignment of writing an opinion paper on the civil war.i'm not quite sure on what to write about but it's due in oh say... 20 minutes via e-mail. (surprisingly she is giving me a time extension because i didn't have it today) any ideas?

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    ~Given that you are already late, it is obvious that you have ignored and put off the assignment for far to long. That being the case, I am not inclined to help you any more than you chose to help yourself. My ideas? Don't wait until after the last minute to do your work the next time.

    I have addressed the issue many times. Generally, I explain why the illegal, immoral, unjustified and unjustifiable invasion by the USA confederation of the independent nations of the CSA in a war of aggression with the goal being one of conquest and annexation was NOT a civil war. It did, however, cause the free and independent, democratically elected governments of the people, by the people, for the people of the CSA to perish from the earth. If you are interested, I have also explained why only a fool or one ignorant of the US Constitution would consider for an instant that the southern states seceded over the issue of slavery. The right to own slaves was guaranteed by the US Constitution and could be abolished only by state law or constitutional amendment. No such amendment was proposed before 1864 because it lacked insufficient support in the north for passage, forget the south. The amendment proposed in 1864 (when the south was not in attendance for obvious reasons) failed to pass and so never made it to the ratification process. The Corwin Amendment, passed by the Radical Republican northern majority in Congress, however, if ratified would have become Amendment XIII and would have prohibited any future attempt to abolish slavery by constitutional amendment.

    Feel free to click on my profile and review any of the several answers I've given on the topic for further detail. I'm not sure you'll be able to support anything you plagiarize from me, but I didn't make the bed you find yourself sleeping in.

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    Your History teacher, Ms. Vilder, sounds like one interesting person! She's lyrical, spherical, and diabolical all at the same time?! By giving her students the chance to express their own opinions she is doing what many other teachers do not. When one thinks that the events of the American Civil War (I am assuming you mean this civil war and not the multitudes of others) one cannot help but think 151 years before was not a long time ago!

    If your assignment is due in 20 minutes by email, I have to laugh. You asked this question 20 minutes ago, so your time is already up. I wonder if Ms. Vilder knows that you went online and solicited others for their opinions on the American Civil War, in the vain hope that in the last minute someone else could do your History assignment for you.

    I have dozens and dozens of books on the American Civil War. I have answered dozens of questions on the American Civil War here on Yahoo! Answers. There are so many books one can download on the American Civil War for free and read at ones own leisure. I often see bias in the form of "the South was right," and/or "Slavery was not a cause of the Civil War" here on Yahoo! Answers, and it makes me wonder how people remain so ignorant of their own history. It is simply there for the reading!

    One only has to read the newspapers that came from the Souther States in 1860 and on, and read all the headlines/editorials condemning the "Black Republicans" and the "Abolitionist hordes" to realize these men/women of comfortable economical and social positions in society were only being challenged by the idea of abolition in the year 1860. This was a war of words that had gone on for decades. The South "rose to the occasion" not because there were any immediate threats, but because their "honor" was at stake.

    What they attempted to do when faced with this political, economical, and social revolution, which was a threat to their way of life (they must have thought it could go on forever), was to create a counter-revolution aimed at keeping the status quo, but couched in noble terms of "independence" and "States Rights." But very few of the people who the secessionists claimed to represent actually participated in the events.

    Do not be mislead by those terms, four million african-american citizens had no choice whatsoever in the matters of independence, or rights. Perhaps if you express the ideas of revolution and counter-revolution to Ms. Vilder it will tickle her diabolical spheres, but will she not suspect this assignment the work of someone even more diabolical than you (the supposed "author") or her (the supposedly "diabolical" teacher who gives extensions)??

    Source(s): The American Civil War and Free Will
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    Civil war was not fought to stop slavery, Lincoln only freed slaves in Rebel states, West Virginia and Missouri continued to practice slavery until 16 th amendment passed, Lincoln was greatly influenced by Henry Clay who set up Liberia, the plan was to use Union forces and force the repatriation of blacks to Liberia where they could be kept as slaves, as slavery in Africa was acceptable and is only recently being addressed by United Nations, as the Africans say "Slavery was a gift from God'

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    Here you go, I'll write if for you:

    My opinion on the Civil War. I'm for it.

    The End

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