Sports and Cruiser Motorcycle wave?

I just bought my first motorcycle and found while riding other motorcylcist waving as they pass by (same or opposite direction). I usually dont feel conftrable taking my hand off the handel since im a noob, so I just not so they can see me return the wave.

Question is... I have a sports bike (Honda) and Ive only scene other sport bikers wave. Now im hearing bikers on Harleys would rather flip off sports bikes than this true? Since no one on a harley (or american built bike) ever waved at me, I just wont even initiate a wave if seeing them... Any thoughts?

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    One thing you need to understand that some just don't seem to get - whatever we ride, we're also people. By that I mean that you will get a different ___________(story, response, action....) from each. There's stereotypes about riders as there are about other groups of people. Like most, they may have had a small element of truth somewhere, but it's been lost.

    True, there are snobs on bikes. But, look around - there's snobs everywhere (if you look hard enough).

    Wave (or not) as you feel appropriate.

    As a new rider, it's ok to not feel comfortable letting go of the bars. A nod is just fine instead.

    I've flipped people off - usually in cages.

    Rarely on a bike - in those cases it had nothing to do with the bike, but was all about the rider, and how they were riding. Usually in a manner that caused danger to me.

    The last time I stopped to check on a bike by the side of the road, it turned out the guy had clutch problems. Sport bike, brand not important. I gave him a ride (in typical shorts, sneakers and full-face helmet) 50 miles out of my way.

    It's what many of us will do - regardless of what you're riding.

    I did make him tie his shoes first.

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    I don't wave unless someone waves first, it just seems like "Hey, look at me !" (Doesn't matter what ya ride.) To me, waving seems just a way to get attention, I suppose. Dunno but that's just me, i'm not unsociable, I just don't see the point. As far as flippin' someone off, that's reserved for unsafe idiots, whether they're on a bike or driving a cage. I'm just out here having fun in the sun and breeze, it wouldn't matter if I saw another soul all day, it's about riding. BTW, if I see someone on the side of the road i'll stop and help if need be, whether it's a bike or a cage. If you don't feel comfy waving then a nod is OK too, it ain't a requirement to do anything but some people feel hurt if you don't acknowledge them.

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    I have been ignored by some, but I have never been flipped off by a Harley riders. I have Harley riders wave at me all the time, and I'm on a Reflex, and I wave back. I wave to everyone because it's just great to be riding. If your uncomfortable taking your hand off the handlebars, then just nod your head. People will understand it to be a friendly gesture.

    It's not what you ride that counts. It's that you ride that counts.

    So Ride Safe

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    Acknowledging and being acknowledged by other bike riders is one of the plus points of riding a bike. Personally I acknowledge all bike riders regardless of what type of bike or what they are wearing. Most respond. What you do is your choice but don't feel obliged to go along with an idea that we should discriminate against any group of fellow bike riders.

    Having the confidence to take your hand off the handle is part of learning to operate a bike. Try it as an exercise when you are riding comfortably along a road with no traffic around.

    Occasionally its not possible to return a wave because your are using your hand to operate the clutch. Then it's appropriate to simply nod.

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    I wave at all bikers, except when I'm in traffic, sometimes, I'm more worried about what the cagers are doing. As far as the Harley owners are concerned if you were on a sport bike and broke down Most Harley riders would stop to offer help. Whereas if you were on a Harley broke down on the side of the rode most sport bike riders would slow down to laugh at you. I ran out of gas and was pushing my Honda when a guy on a Harley stopped asked what was wrong then he took me to a gas station and then rode me back to my bike. He even stayed to make sure my bike got started again. Of course he talked trash to me about running out of gas, but when I sparked one up he figured out why that happened. we talked for a while then rode back to town and went on our own merry ways. There is good and bad in all of us. we just preffer to dwell on the bad.

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    1 decade ago

    I honestly agree with you. if safety is an issue then I don't wave, but I will nod if appropriate. Sometimes letting go of the clutch can cause you to stall if you are not expecting it or are distracted and this can lead to other problems. Like the poster before me said, just nod if you have no hands available.

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    Well I've never seen a Harley rider, flip anyone but an *** wipe off. My o'l lady flip off some old guy, who pulled out in front of me. But other than that, no.

  • 6 years ago

    I ride a cruiser, I wouldn't flip you off

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    Around here, we wave at anyone too. Except when it might be a safety issue (clutch, changing lanes, whatever) , then a nod will do, or if still cant nod, hope they understand.

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    Nod at them if you're not comfortable waving.

    Don't worry about Harley owners, do what feel like doing.. I wave at everyone except one percenters and cops.

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