Did Bulimia cause a "miscarriage"?

My 15 y.o. (im 16) girlfriend has been bulimic for about 6 months and about 1 month and 2 weeks ago she stopped getting her period so she took a pregnancy test and about 1 weeks later and it said she was pregnant. We have never had sex just messed around a bit with just underwear. Today she lost quite a bit of blood from her vagina. Is it possible she was pregnant and her bulimia caused a miscarriage or is possible her bulimia just caused a loss or blood?

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    the reason she did not get her period is because she is bulimic.

    if you loose a dramatic amount of weight in a short period time you're periods will stop completely!

    sounds like if she keeps going without eating/throwing up her periods will stop all together and she will never get pregnant.

    that causes infertility!.

    research the effects of it.

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    Are you sure she was pregnant? Its nearly impossible to get pregnant without having sex, especially if one is bulimic. However being bulimic can cause an unhealthy percent of body fat. If it is low enough the body will stop women from having periods. It sounds like the bulimia is probably cause of the lack of period here, not pregnancy.

    I am still unsure of how she could even get pregnant if you kept underwear on. Are you sure she is being truthful?

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    well you are a little young but you should know that you HAVE to have SEX to get pregnant....and unless she is sleeping with somebosy else then she isn't pregnant. But i would try to get her help for being bulimic...that is not good stuff at all.

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    i agree with the mrs,,, she may not have been pregant,

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