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Could my girlfriends daughter have some mental issues or mental disease?

i got back together what is really the love of my life after many years...she has a 13 year old daughter from a previous marriage...after a while we got a place together as we want to get married...we all have been living together for the past year and the daughter is making it real difficult for me to stay here...in the past year she has failed half her classes by refusing to do the work, been smoking pot (this has been going on even before i came into the picture), ran up over $500 in music downloads on her cell phone, she impersonated her mother by emailing her teachers as her and asking them to help her pass her classes, she will not do anything she is asked or told to do, put up a myspace page that had pics of her smoking pot, she is very moody and cries over the littlest things...if she doesn't want to do something i have seen her say in a very young girl voice "i don't know how to do it!" even if it is something as simple as taking out the garbage...we can't even tell her to put on her seat belt without her rolling her eyes kicking her feet and arguing about it...there are so many more things i could write, but it would take all day...when we tried to talk to her about changing her attitude she started clawing at her face, crying, and kicking her feet...i know that teenagers will be "moody", but her actions are just off the scale sometimes...we told her that we would like her to go to counseling, but she said she didn't want to and if we made her go that she would not say a word...the daughter has a lot of mental illness on her fathers side of the family (the father turned to be schizo, the grandmother is as well, and most of that family are in and out of the jail here more than you can count)...i am real worried about "our" daughter! (even though she may be acting like she does to "get rid of me", i love her as a daughter)...part of it has been that she has been spoiled rotten, but i really honestly feel she has mental problems!...could this kid be on the wrong path because she has been spoiled and allowed to get away with whatever she does?...or does she really need to see a counselor and see if she could have some mental disease?...i am tempted to leave this household, but i love both of them so much!!!...is there anything i/we can do to "save" this child?

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    Your whole family needs counseling, and your stepdaughter will probably have to be committed for treatment. I have seen far too many people that mental illnesses are passed on generation after generation. The weed is her way of self-medicating her mental illness, and her mother is going to have to take steps. It has taken nearly two years for my daughter to get along with my husband, and we don't have the drug and mental illness issues! I surely do feel your pain! I am sure some of the showing out is because you are a stepparent and she is trying to exert some kind of control, but injuring herself indicates a serious disorder.

    It's fine if she goes to counseling and doesn't say a word, a good counselor will eventually get through to her. She has to go through rehab first though, to get the junk out of her system so she can be placed on medication for her illness. You also need to do things with your firlfriend not involving her so you don't lose sight of your relationship. I would also recommend going to church. My husband talked me into going even though I was very resistant, and I have found peace there and people who understand. You might also contact an Al-Anon group, who helps the family of alcoholics and addicts. I will be praying for all of you.

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    Just tell her.. Be like imnhede for good wether you like it or not...

    And when she freaks out tell her to stop actin like a baby.. Keep doin that and shewill be fine IN a month...

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