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i cant breast feed from my left breast?

hi ladies

i recently had sugery cause of papilloma. my dr told me all of my ducts are cut so i wont be able to breast feed.

i can breast feed from my right breast.i have question..

since my ducts were cut. can i produce milk from left milk ducts?

i want to breast feed my child and i wondering if i produce milk from my left and cant pass since ducts been cut.. what will happen to the milk?


how large will it get? a cup lager?

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    Eventually the left side will stop producing and you will just produce on your right side. I am nursing my 2nd child and with both children, my right breast produces more milk than my left so when I get close to the time of weening my 1st child, I stopped nursing on the left side all together and it "dried up". Be prepared to have one breast significantly bigger than the other!!

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