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what can i make a filling out of ? i can't go to dentist so don't bother telling me that what can i make a?

filling out of not that temporary stuff either

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    You must be joking. You want to fill a cavity yourself instead of going to the dentist? It will not work. The dentist drills out all the decay before they put in a filling. If you put in a filling on top of tooth decay then you will have big problems.

    You didn't say why you can't go to the dentist.

  • I think there is nothing that you can do to make a filling with, but im sure they have a dentist that you can find on the internet .If you dont have any insurance or medical. On October 1,2009 they will have medical you can apply for it, but im in the same boat that you are in. The dentist has a temporary filling and its some kind of dental cemete they put it on my fillings that came out it works real well and it shouldnt cost you but apply for the medical and let me know if this helps you. I need some caps on my 3 front teeth because they are loose so I have to pay $500.00 and i dont have no job or money to pay for it . Hope you feel better and let me know if this helps.

    Source(s): google., my own search on yahoo
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