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Why doesn`t the US annex Mexico?

I was just reading an article that said 42% of babies born in hospitals in California are born from illegal aliens from Mexico while it`s 80% closer to the border. This is so the baby has US citizenship. What I want to know is why doesn`t the US just annex Mexico, or make a deal with Mexico to make it US terrirtory like Puerto Rico has. Like for example Puerto Rico uses US dollars and Puerto Ricans can enter the US legally. I just think it would immediately stop all these people from Mexico entering the US illegally if at all. I mean why would they if Mexico was a part of the US? Plus it would help the Mexican economy which is so bad that it causes people to come to the US to look for work

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    I've thought of that, myself. However, I'm not so sure that superior conditions in the U.S. would not continue to magnetize immigrants, without a reciprocal counter movement. It's a complex matter.

    In my view the chief deterrent to this would be the fact that the U.S. is already too large. This is the reason so many Americans feel alienated, powerless, and unable to influence events. It is the reason for unregistered voters and poor voter turn-out. The sheer magnitude of our country makes it difficult to monitor government, prevent corruption and control ever-increasing bureaucracy. This is the key factor in the union's having reached it's present state of turmoil. The nations of Europe approximate the size of a single state in this republic, making them infinitely easier to manage.

    Were a change in order, it would be preferable to carve the country into several smaller, completely independent regions. The concept of 'Manifest Destiny' was only an idea, or dream. There was nothing necessarily absolute or well-founded in the concept.

    At the time of the secession of Southern states, a separation of regions would have been a much sounder choice than the incredibly destructive war, costing the nation 500,000 of our finest young men. The South was clearly agrarian, with the north suited to industrialism.

    When we witness how the constitution has been shredded in the intervening years (indeed, the War itself was unconstitutional, as there was no stricture against secession,) with the consequent abuse of federal power and gradual morphing into a fascist state, Lincoln's ideology was hardly well-founded. Secession was a natural expression of regionalism and the need for smaller sovereign entities.

    It seems that European states have only gotten into trouble when lapsing into imperialism. When nations concentrate on perfecting affairs within their own borders peace and progress prevail. Ever-increasing outreach only invites war, unrest, and bankruptcy.

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    Corporate America would never allow anything that would decrease the supply of illegals. They love illegals because they can pay them below minimum wage, violate all sorts of labor laws, and the illegals can't complain. They also like that illegals drive down wages for working class Americans and that illegals can be used to help break unions. We have 30 million illegals in America because conservative leaders want it that way. They talk tough to appease their voters, but they secretly love the endless supply of cheap labor.

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    they are already here idiot

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