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Days of Our Lives? Is is just me or is Lucas being a real JERK?

I don't blame him for feeling hurt that Chloe cheated on him but he is so blind & stupid not to see that his own "loving dear sweet mommy" tried to MURDER his wife. Then he tells poor Maggie to go to hell when Maggie was genuinely trying to protect Lucas' feeling whereas Kate is only concerned with meddling im her children's lives & trying to cover her own manipulative butt when she screws up & she cannot get away with this this time. Go Bo, Brady & Justin as they seem to be the ones to believe Daniel most. I still wish Victor would just "call her out". Phillip needs to know his mother is not who she seems to be. He is not a baby anymore & neither is Lucas& he sure is acting 1 like then has his own cousin arrested for trying to help Chloe. I loved what Melanie said to him yesterday "Yeah you care so much that's why just a while ago you were ready to take her off life support". Lucas is being a misogynistic jerk.

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    He is an ASSHOLE! I would have told him to STFU and get out of my room

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    He has every right to be hurt and angry at Chloe but he is being a mean a** jerk. I have never liked Lucas because he always runs to Mommy crying and is always the victim. He was probably as his best when married to Sami as she wouldn't put up with it,

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    He is definitely a JERK. To be honest, Lucas has never been one that I care much for. I think his acting leaves much to be desired. (as does Will's, but he is still young, I think he'll get better as he grows up) I'm so over the Lucas/Chloe saga. NEW STORY LINE PLEASEEEEEE!?

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    Lucas will never change....he will always be a Mommy's boy...just when you think he might grow a back bone...there he goes again blind to his mothers actions.


    P.S Loved the comment about Kate's nose in another post...beak LOL I couldn't agree more!

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    I don't think Lucas is being a jerk. Stupid yes. but not mean. I think they writers need to change his character some.

    Plus I Love what Kate is doing to Chloe and Daniel. They deserve it! I hope Kate does kill him tomorrow!!! He is nasty, from one woman to another. Any age obviously, went from Chelsea to her GMa and now the GMa's daughter in law? Come on now. He's getting what he deserves!!!!!!!!

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    In my eyes, he has always been a momma's boy lol

    I think they are trying to get this rise out of us

  • so far everyone seems to be acting like JERKS

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