If Constantine hadn't forced christianity would we be debating over some other Greek God right now?

As time had it Christianity came to popularity due to Emperor Constantine forcing it to the nations by harsh and cruel means throughout Rome and Europe (Christianity having only a small following back then) do you think we'd be debating over some other Greek God right now if he wasn't in power, considering faith being the backbone of religion without having necessary proof along with hype and popular belief. I mean like Christianitys stance strides on it's popularity so it's more likely people will go along with that.

How do Christians feel if they were strong believers in a different entity due to history playing along a different course of consequences, like a butterfly effect, the possibility of things happening like a different sperm reaching the egg, some one else being born instead of you, hitler never being born, no world war 2, you get what I mean the simpilist of things affecting the future of things to come.

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    Constantine did not force Christianity. Where did you study history? He simply legalized the faith, for the first time in the empire. Constantine was a Roman, by the way, not a Greek Pax Christi

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    hahaha "Harsh and cruel means" Constantine declared Christianity the religion and made animal sacrifices illegal. Paganism lived on for over 100 years afterwards in Rome because big C was tolerant and didn't mind that they still practiced (plus it would have been hard to enforce).

    In any case, monotheistic religion would rule regardless, as philosophy and metaphysics support it more than polytheistic religions formed so that the people can believe they have some kind of control over their agriculture.

    Also, that things are the way they are is a main argument that Christians can make, and do. maybe God really is with them?

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    Religion evolved naturally with the human species, Worship a God. Or worship stuff its the same thing.

    So the typical american athiest worships stuff,

    You are not good enough, your clothes are not in style. You will not fit in with the others on and on, You can redeem yourself and be reborn if you buy stuff at the Box store church. Judge those who put there money in baskets for the poor, they will burn in there ignorance you are better then them,

    ITS the same old crap just one less God. The same ego feeding, the same ego payoff when they Judge people for beleiving in another God.

    They can not escape the way evolution wired there brains,

    THE question is WHO is happier. WHo is pissed off at there parents and the world.

    Athiests today are just Fundementalist Idol worhshipers they just dont know it.

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    I think this is an interesting thought, and I think that we would most definitely not be culturally christian if that didn't happen. I mean look at India, they aren't culturally christian and nor did they have a government backing on it either. If we didn't have the government backing all that time ago, I think we would be something else culturally, worshiping the Greek pantheon is simply a possibility, it could be anything though.

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    Constantine saw Christianity as a useful way to control the masses. I don't buy it.

    All hail Zeus!

    Truth Train. Have you ever heard of the Inquisition?

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    That was when the corruption of the church began- due to unrepentant people joining the church. And God is not just not a greek god - He is GOD! The one and only living God- for all peoples, tribe and nations.

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    You flunk early world history.

    Constantine never forced Christianity. All he did was to make Christianity one of 400 legal religions, and he stopped executing Christians who would not bow to himself.

    You need to read up on the Edict of Milan.


    Source(s): 43+ years following a Jewish Carpenter & studying His Book!
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    You may be right.

    But the Greek civilization fell before the Roman one...and the Egyptian one fell before that.

    but maybe it's been the same one that renews itself like the phoenix....and with each manifestation, we come to a closer understanding of where we are in the Universe.

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    it seriously wouldn't surprise me. i wish people realized the popularity of christianity was the best political choice during the ancient times rather than true faith.

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    1 decade ago

    I would be a Christian, and it would still be as popular regardless of Constantine.

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