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Whenever I try to print something out, A save as window pops out and when i save the paper won't print.?

The Printer is a Dell AO 924

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    It sounds like a Print To File printer (like Microsoft XPS Document Writer, PDF creator, etc.) is set as your default printer in Windows instead of the printer you want to print to or a “print to file” port is configured for your printer, so that whenever you print you are actually trying to create files with the print information in them on your computer's hard drive.

    Hopefully you've installed your printer (software, interface cable, etc.) onto your computer already, if not you'll need to do that first. Usually when installing a printer it will ask if you want this to be your default printer, check the box or select “Yes” as needed. This should take care of it, but if you didn't do that when you installed it then you'll need to do this:

    A simple way to check and change the default printer is to open a document you wish to print, go to the menu bar at top and click on File, move down the pop-up window to Print... and click on it. In the Print pop-up window find your printer in the window at top and right-click on it and then click on "Set as Default Printer" then select Print or Cancel at the bottom. Now shutdown the application you used, otherwise it may still try to use the old printer selection. Now whenever you click on the print icon it will print out on your printer instead of going to a file.

    If you still have the "Save As" problem then the problem is your printer is setup for the wrong port in the properties section of the printer setup, a “print to file” port instead of a standard communication port to your printer and you'll need to change it.

    For XP:

    Go to "Start", select "Settings" then "Printers and Faxes"

    Right click on your printer and select "Properties"

    Click on your "Ports" tab (then see below)

    For Vista:

    Click the Start button, then Control Panel, now Hardware and Sound, and then click on Printers.

    Right click on your printer and select "Properties"

    Click on your "Ports" tab (then see below)

    The problem is your current port setting for your installed printer is set to "FILE: Print to File" and as such is printing the document to a file on your hard drive instead of to the port that your printer is actually connected to. Scroll through the list of available ports to find the port that your printer is connected to (probably USB {may be named like DOTsomething} or LPT1 or whatever you have) and check the box next to it and click the OK button at the bottom of the window - that should fix your problem.

    Best of luck

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    When you go to print, make sure you choose the Dell AO 924. What's happening is that your default printer is set as "Microsoft XPS Document Writer"; when you print to that you're just converting your document to an XPS document. To permanently fix the problem, open your Printers folder and set your Dell printer as the default printer.

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    Be sure to click Print. If that doesn't work, uninstall the software and reinstall it.

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