Ankle Fracture/break?

on July 21 i broke my ankle on a trampoline, and on the 23 after many catscans they said I broke the outside completely, but it was alligned so it would line up nd heal but the inside two big parts of bone broke and so I had to have 2 screws. Now 2 months later I am just out of the walking boot, for about a week. How long until I stop limping? And do i have to get the pins removed? If so what is the recovery for that?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey Juju,

    It's hard to give you an exact time estimate on how long before you will stop limping. I do know that PT will help. Just remember that all the muscles, tendons and ligaments in that area haven't been used in awhile so their a little out of shape. Not to mention that having screws depending on their exact location may make your ankle even tighter.

    As for having the screws removed... probably not. Unless of course your screws began backing out or break. In either scenario it's nothing major and doesn't cause horrible pain. Most doctors will leave them in unless you request them to be taken out or if one of the two above scenarios occur. Talk to your doctor about what the long term future of your ankle look likes. For example... Are you allowed to run?!

    Good luck

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