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My pizza hut uniform polo is way too big?

I just started working at pizza hut today, and when they gave me my uniform they asked what size I wore and I said small and they said they don't order those. So I'm wearing a medium and it's so huge on me, I hate it. I know it's kind of stupid to worry about, but it doesn't make me feel very confident, and I'm a waitress so I'd like to feel alright about how I look. I'm very tall and skinny and it makes me look like a boy, I swim in it :( All the other girls working look fine. Should I ask them if they will order me a smaller size if I pay for it? I'm kind of embarrassed or afraid they'll look down on me or something for worrying about it -.- I tried but I don't have a login, so I don't know where else to get one.

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    ur working at pizza hut, you'll grow into it, lOL

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    in the united kingdom: medium - 8 slices - 10 inches great - 10 slices - thirteen inches crammed crust and cheesy bites the comparable length as one yet another yet somewhat larger than great pan. they are additionally 10 slices. Pizza mia (own) approximately 6 inches.

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