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car starts up fine with 6 y/o gas... drain tank? or drive? 10 points..?

i got a 1987 300zx from my step dad for my 16th birthday. he drove it for years with no problems. bought a new car and he started driving that instead. he put the z in the underground parking garage at his apartments and thats where it has been for the past 6 years. we went to pick it up and put a new battery in it, we cranked the engine for about 15 sec and it started right up.... with 6 y/o gas.

my question is... should i drain the gas tank, or drive it and not let it get much below a quarter of a tank???

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    No just fill up and incorrect grade of fuel

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    Drain it immediately, before you suck up any more water or varnish that in the tank and clog your fuel lines, fuel filter and dirty the carburator. Then you'll have a lot more work ahead of you. The gas has separated in the tank, with the fuel pump currently sucking in whats near the bottom. But on the bottom are the particles that have separated, and settled and become like glue. If you pour new gas in on top of that, you will stir it up and pretty much guarantee that it will be sucked up. Imagine stomping in a mud puddle, where all the mud is on the bottom. Clear water on top, but once you stir it, yuck. Drain it now.

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    I would still recommend draining the gas. Over time gas starts to evaporate because it contains water. If you leave it sit for years the gas mixture tends to weaken and not be as affective for you engine. Your engine may start up fine now but eventually you may start to experience engine jerking or hesitation when you accelerate on the gas. This is due to the chemicals in the gasoline not being mixed correctly anymore because of the evaporation.

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    it depends on how much gas is in the tank, if there is alot its better to drain it if there is say about 1/4 tank or less then fill it up and put some restore and some feul injector cleaner in it and drive it, but if its 1/2 or more really would be better to drain

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    i would drain it. because the chemicals in the gas start to separate after a while. not only that but moisture and other thing like rust could be in it, the filter could probley take care of the rust if any but if your not gonna drain it i would put atleast some type of gas treatment or dry gas in it just to be safe. hope this helps

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    drain tank why take a chance on messing the fuel system up change fuel filter at the same time

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    Ew. That gas is half water and half lacquer.

    Drain it. Fill quarter full with good gas and some fuel stabilizer. When that's empty, fill with good gas and injector cleaner.

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