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what should i do ?

okay so about a month ago i was hanging out with my bestfriend's ex because we were still friends&we were drinking&he started touching me&i let it go, then i pushed his hand away&he tried kissing me then i got up&was like im going home. i still haven't told her because i don't know how she'll react or if she'll believe me, so should i tell her&if so, how should i start off saying it ?


it was for like a half hour but nobody was answering & i really need advice, it's breaking my heart.

Update 2:

mike, i look at the situation like that too but the fact is that he tried & if my ex tried kissing her i'd wanna know, ugh i hate being in this situation.

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    You shouldn't tell her. The only thing telling her will do is make you feel like you have cleared your conscience. This is an entirely selfish motive. If you really care about your best friend you should maintain your silence.

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    you are not the only one he has tried this with.

    If are you good friends tell her.

    If you are just friends so you have someone to hang around , don't bother she would just turn on you.

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    This should probably be in Singles & Dating

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    nothing happened so why possibly cause a conflict? if i was you, id talk to HIM about it and voice your opinion

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