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WHy can't I speak around her???? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!?

This is ridiculous, I'm 25, comfortable around women, had a few GF's. Theres this girl in college, she's 23, she looks perfect (I mean it!) and from what I've heard she's a great person.

We just stare at each other, it's RIDICULOUS! Its not like we're kids. I can't even bring myself to speak (I just freeze). And she just smiles like 'I'm nice, speak to me'. People are beginning to notice that all we do is stare at each other....lol.....what the hell is wrong with me????


And its our final year at college, so I better move fast to make something of it.

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    Start off with the best pick-up line in the world ever created;



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    i think its quite obvious whats wrong with you. love makes people act like kids, its quite enjoyable really.

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