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Can you make up a story about Jay Sherman?


They are both such great stories; I'll put it to vote.

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    Well I saw an episode of the Simpsons where they had Jay Sherman in a mental institution and didn't explain why he was there. So here is a story of what might have taken place:

    Since Jay Sherman is so intellectually superior to Homer Simpson, it really irritated Jay to find out that more people wanted to see the Football in the Groin movie than wanted to see Barney's wonderful film. Jay watched this movie hundreds of times trying to figure out why the moronic world around him thought this was a brilliant piece of cinematic art. Since Jay has an IQ over 50, the movie didn't make him laugh it only destroyed his mind until finally Jay could only go around babbling that "It Stinks." Seeing as how this was Homer Simpson's fault, Jay was committed to a mental institution in Springfield in the hopes that one day he would escape and seek revenge against Homer.

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    Jay Sherman is a nice humorous person but also a great of film critic .His these two opposite characters made him more attractive,popular and man with personality.His bald head is just like a full moon and his tummy can't bear self weight-------

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