How did Odysseus and his men carry out their plan after the giant passes out???????PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!?

this is due 2morrow i need held idk this stuff and i have ? 53-71 due 2morrow and idk how odysseus and his men carry out their plan after the giant passes out

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    he gave him alot of wine so he can pass out nd when the cyclops (rite?not a giant LOL) was sleeping he sharpened a big stick type of thing burned the tip nd stabbed it in his eye. he hid under the cyclop's sheep so when the cyclops removed the rock from the exit and tried to feel around him(since he cant see since he is now blinded) Odysseus nd his men wont get caught nd when they do get out he bravely announces his name to him (which was stupid). nd yeah ^^

    hope i got that clear

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    I suppose you're refering to Polythesis when you say "giant"

    Odysseus gets him drunk and after he has passed out, the crew takes a spear of some sort and stabs his eye. When Polythesis gets up he opens the door, unable to see, he calls for his brothers saying "Nobody has blinded me!" (Since Odysseus tricked him into thinking his name was Nobody)

    After that they clung the the bellies of sheep as the sheep ran outside. Since they were under the sheep the Cyclops couldnt see them, he could only smell them.

    From there on they get back to their boat. When Odysseus foolishly yells and taunts Polythesis, Polythesis manages to just miss as he throws a boulder at the boat, clipping the side of the boat.

    Then the story goes on...hope i got that all right XD.

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    Once the giant fell asleep, Odysseus and his men took a hardened spear and destroyed Polyphemus' only eye. In the morning, Odysseus tied his men and himself to the undersides of Polyphemus' sheep. When the Cyclops let the sheep out to graze, the men were carried out. Since Polyphemus was blind, he didn't see the men, but felt the tops of his sheep to make sure the men weren't riding them. Once the sheep (and men) were safely out, Polyphemus realized that the men weren't in his cave. He yelled out to his fellow Cyclopes that "Noman" hurt him, so they ignored him. As Odysseus and his men were sailing away, he told Polyphemus that "Noman didn't hurt you, Odysseus did!" Odysseus didn't realize that Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon, and that telling him his name would have severe repercussions.

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