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is it normal not to see the betta eggs?

i put my fish in with each other for 2 hours and i wachted them spawn but i dont see any eggs. is this normal??? wut should i do??


wrapped himself around her but nothing that i could see came out

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    if they actually spawned, he wrapped himself around her and eggs were released..then they were eaten. or they didn't actually spawn.

    Does the female look skinnier at all? After he had wrapped himself around and "squeezed" she would of released eggs that he would of fertilized immediately. then he would of released her and gathered up the eggs to put in the bubble nest. this should happen more then once. some spawnings take hours, so I'm surprised you say they spawned within two. Mine took forever!

    Tell us exactly what you saw, what the fish did and we can help further.

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    The male builds a nest out of bubbles and puts the eggs in the nest. No nest, no eggs.

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