what are the 3 questions i should ask?

ok so i can't think of anythin 2 ask about this chinese history called shang dynasty. I need 3 questions to ask about this shang dynasty. will u help? it doesn't have to be 3 questions it could be at least 1 or 2. I jst need 3 questions to ask about shang dynasty? any ideas of wat i should ask? 10 pts. thanks

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    What time period is the Shang Dynasty?

    Why is it called the Shang Dynasty?

    What important things happened during the Shang Dynasty?

    What if I named my cat Shang Dynasty, would you be mad?

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    1) When did the Shang Dynasty take place (approximately)?

    Answer: 1600 BC–1046 BC

    2) What is the alternative name for the Shang Dynasty?

    Answer: Yin Dynasty (due to the fact that the capital was located in Yin)

    3) What system of government existed in the Shang Dynasty?

    Answer: Monarchy feudalism

    4) What dynasty preceded the Shang Dynasty?

    Answer: Xia Dynasty

    5) What dynasty came after the Shang Dynasty?

    Answer: Zhou Dynasty

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    what is the shang dynasty?

    what events occured during the shang dynasty?

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    I guess one can't ask questions on a subject of s/he doesn't know anything about it.

    When I was in high school in the early 90s the Internet as we know it was in its infancy. Therefore, we had to go to the library (the big room with all of the books in our school, or the whole building with all of the books in our town) and use the card catalog with the Dewey Decimal System to look things up. It was rather simple, really.

    Here is another suggestion: Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraphs. It makes your composition more legible and it makes you look somewhat intelligent.

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    When was it, which dynasty preceded it and which followed it.

    Or what is Google?

    How do I use Wikipedia?

    Where is the library?

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