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can you prease help me with algebra homework?

I don't care if you give me the answer or tell me how to do this but I have to solve it and show steps!! show steps though if you give me the answer prease!!

1. 3x+a-3x-a+b

2. x+a+(3-x)-a

3. x+y+z-x-y-z

4. 7-a+3-b+a


thanks but it doesnt say what the variables equal it just says simplify and show the steps

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    Have you read the instructions in your homework? First, you have to find out what x,a,b,y, and z equal.

    For example (these are not the real answers just and example so don't put this down: x=7




    So that makes 3x to 37.... get it? Whenever you see these ( and ) and numbers are in the middle, that means that you have to do that step first....Since x=7....That makes it (3-7) (this is number 2) So its pretty simple... That was just a little hint for you k? Good luck on your homework!

    P.S. I'm in the same situation as you right now....And don't write this down because x doesn't really equal 7.

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